Jan Harp Domene Diversity and Inclusion Award

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PTAs everywhere represent parents, caregivers, educators and communities from all walks of life, which enables us to best achieve PTA’s mission to make every child’s potential a reality. In 2020, National PTA adopted guiding beliefs and definitions (English and Español) that articulate our commitment to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion:  

  • Diversity is our strength.
  • Collaboration must be inclusive.
  • Equity drives our mission. 

Jan-Harp-Domene.jpgThe Jan Harp Domene Diversity and Inclusion Awards honor PTAs that have put these beliefs into action. These awards recognize PTAs that best demonstrate outstanding achievement in the areas of diversity and inclusion, as well as efforts to end discriminatory practices.

Jan Harp Domene Award

2024 Jan Harp Domene Winners

  • Mill Creek Elementary PTA (Mill Creek, Wash.)
  • Big Creek Elementary PTA (Middleburg Heights, Ohio)
  • Hollandale PTSA (Hollandale, Miss.)

Winners Will Receive

  • $1,000 cash award
  • One Plaque/Trophy
  • Recognition at the 2024 National PTA Convention
  • Potential opportunity to be a speaker at the Diversity & Inclusion Celebration at the 2024 National PTA Convention & Expo
  • Certificates for PTA members named in the application