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Funding From National PTA to Support Your PTA

Each year, National PTA offers awards or funding to honor or support PTAs as they engage families, support student success, improve the health and safety of students and families, increase access to arts education or celebrate advocacy and diversity.

Significant funding is available to support local efforts for your students, families and community to participate in educational activities that are engaging, inspiring and fun.

National PTA is committed to promoting and encouraging diversity, equity and inclusion as part of our commitment to every child. In addition to evaluating the merits of each application, geography, need, and other criteria may be considered to ensure a robust and diverse pool of grantees.

This science experiment was funded by National PTA grant opportunities.
Grant funding made this STEM+Families science event at Lakeshore Elementary, San Francisco, Calif. possible (read more examples of past grantee successes and #HowWePTA!)

Active Grants & Awards


Learn about the following opportunities:


Jan Harpe Domene Diversity and Inclusion Award

Feb. 5, 2024 – March 10, 2024

The purpose of the Jan Harp Domene Diversity and Inclusion Award contest is to recognize PTAs that are dedicated to the needs of all families represented in their schools. The contest acknowledges PTAs that develop practices that are inclusive and equal for all families and that result in positive change. All diversity and inclusion efforts must be from the previous calendar year (2023).


National PTA Life Achievement Awards

Give the award of a lifetime. Give the National PTA Life Achievement Award—the highest honor from the nation’s largest child advocacy organization—to the person who daily lives out his or her commitment to children. Complete the Form or call (800) 307-4782 to submit your request.


National PTA Awards PTAs with Program Funding


Each school year, National PTA provides funding to enhance family engagement and support our programs and strategic initiatives in schools across the country. Last school year, National PTA awarded over $650K in program funding to nearly 500K PTAs, thanks to our generous sponsors. These funds covered expenses to host PTA programs for students and families in the areas of mental health, STEM, digital safety, literacy, tobacco use prevention and the arts. Watch how National PTA helps state, district, council, region and local PTAs meet the critical needs of their students and families and celebrate the PTAs that received funding for the 2023-2024 school year.


Previous Grants and Awards


Phoebe Apperson Hearst Awards

May 1 – Oct. 15, 2023

The Phoebe Apperson Hearst Awards for innovation in family engagement, named after National PTA co-founder Phoebe Apperson Hearst, recognize and celebrate achievement in building effective family-school partnerships. The awards are presented to PTAs that have earned top rank with their National PTA School of Excellence designation by demonstrating outstanding achievement engaging families in student success and school improvements. Local PTAs are encouraged to enroll in and complete the National PTA School of Excellence program during the 2022-2023 school year for consideration.


Fall 2023 Program Grants

Aug. 29 – Oct. 4

National PTA and our generous sponsors are offering over $600K in funding for PTAs/PTSAs that are in good standing as defined by their state PTA and interested in implementing a fun and engaging National PTA program focused on STEM, digital citizenship, healthy lifestyles or the arts.

While funding is not needed to implement PTA programs, it can be used as support in running programs or making programs more accessible to all students (e.g., helping your PTA cover food, translators, etc.). The application process is easy (no prior grant-writing experience is needed), and the funding will help you reach your PTA’s goals in your school community.

Learn more about the fall 2023 programs grants below. 

Programs for All Grades and Ages
PTA Healthy Minds, Sponsored by the New York Life Foundation and The Allstate Foundation

This program is for all grades and ages. 100 local PTAs will be selected, and each will be awarded $1,250 in funding.
For this specific funding, your PTA must … 

  1. Host a National PTA Healthy Minds program using the Healthy Minds needs assessment provided by National PTA to learn more about your community needs. The format and structure of each program will vary based on the unique, identified needs of each school community.
  2. Utilize and share relevant Healthy Minds program resources for PTA leaders to build knowledge and skills of parents and caregivers to support and strengthen their children’s mental health and build their children’s social-emotional skills and resilience.
  3. Partner with your school to strengthen mental health and social-emotional learning (SEL) supports and services.


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Mary Lou Anderson Reflections Arts Enhancement, sponsored by the family of Mary Lou Anderson

This program is for all grades and ages. Two local PTAs will be selected, and each will be awarded $1,250 in funding. For this specific funding, your PTA must …

  1. Participate or have participated in the 2023-2024 I am Hopeful Because... Reflections program.
  2. Use the funding to provide new pathways for at-risk and underserved students to participate in innovative and student-centered arts education experiences, including the Reflections program.


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PTA Wellness Fairs, sponsored by Walmart

This program is for all grades and ages. 40 local PTAs will be selected, and each will be awarded $1,250 in funding.
For this specific funding, your PTA must …

  1. Use the provided community needs assessment to first identify interests of their school community in the area of Healthy Lifestyles.
  2. Plan and host a PTA Wellness Fair which allows students to explore and engage with a variety of topics within the Healthy Lifestyles pillars.
  3. Incorporate PTA Healthy Bodies, Healthy Earth and/or Healthy Minds resources into the health fair.
  4. Identify school and community partners (like Walmart) to provide additional informational and engaging resources and activities.


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PTA Connected: The Smart Talk, sponsored by Norton

This program is for all grades and ages. 40 local PTAs will be selected, and each will be awarded $1,250 in funding. All programs must be completed by the end of March 2024. For this specific funding, your PTA must …

  1. Use the resources provided to present The Smart Talk, an interactive tool created by National PTA and Norton that walks families through a series of guided digital safety questions, then creates a personalized family agreement for how technology will be used at home.

  2. Ensure that students and caregivers can participate together to engage in family discussions about digital safety and citizenship.

  3. Host the program including discussions with families and students about digital safety and The Smart Talk tool by March 31, 2024.

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Programs for Elementary School
PTA Connected: Ready, Tech, Go!, supported by AT&T

This program is for elementary schools. 150 local PTAs will be selected, and each will be awarded $1,250 in funding. To be considered, PTAs must hold their programs in-person. At-home programming will not be supported. 
For this specific funding, your PTA must …

  1. Host an interactive in-person PTA Connected: Ready, Tech, Go! program for parents and caregivers to engage in meaningful peer-to-peer conversations about the various aspects of screen readiness; become familiar with tools and resources that help families determine screen readiness; and gain new ideas to promote a healthy digital home.

  2. Use the resources provided to present the PhoneReady Quiz, an interactive tool developed by AT&T that helps families reflect on the different aspects of screen readiness through a series of guided questions, then creates a personalized readiness score to help them make the best decisions for their household.

  3. Utilize and share relevant PTA Connected and AT&T resources to build knowledge and skills on screen readiness, digital safety and technology use.

  4. OPTIONAL “Open-Lab:” Program leaders are encouraged to consider hosting an “open-lab” immediately following the main program during which participants create accounts and explore resources highlighted in the program.

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STEM + Families Propelling Our World, sponsored by Huntington Ingalls Industries

This program is for elementary schools. 40 local PTAs will be selected, and each will be awarded $1,250. For this specific program, your PTA must ...

  1. Host a hands-on Propelling Our World (Engineering Design Challenge) program, utilizing National PTA’s provided Propelling Our World resources.

  2. Ensure the engineering design challenge activities allow families to participate in the activities together to enhance positive family engagement.

  3. Engage and educate families about STEM careers, including those involving skilled trades, using one or more of the NEW! STEM Career activities (STEM Career Crafts, STEM Career Games, STEM Career Partners) provided.

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STEM + Families Science Festival, sponsored by Bayer Fund

This program is for elementary schools. 30 local PTAs will be selected, and each will be awarded $1250 in funding and two District/Council/Region (DCR) or SEPTA/Community PTAs will receive $5000. To be considered, PTAs must be located within a 55-mile radius of the following regions:

  • Arizona (Marana, Tucson)
  • California (Berkeley, Oakland, Oxnard, San Francisco, San Jose, San Ramon, Sacramento, Williams, Woodland)
  • Hawaii (Haleiwa, Honolulu, Kaunakakai, Kihei, Kunia)
  • Idaho (Soda Springs)
  • Iowa (Ankeny, Boone, Des Moines, Grinnell, Huxley, Urbandale, Muscatine, Williamsburg)
  • Illinois (Waterman, Farmer City)
  • Louisiana (Luling, St. Charles Parrish)
  • Massachusetts (Cambridge, Boston)
  • Missouri (St. Louis, Kansas City)
  • New Jersey (Morristown, Whippany)
  • Pennsylvania (Indianola, Pittsburgh, Saxonburg, Myerstown)
  • Puerto Rico (Juana Diaz)

For this specific program, your local or DCR/SEPTA/Community PTA must ...

  1. Host a hands-on Science Festival program and/or curate and distribute STEM kits utilizing National PTA’s provided Science Festival resources.

  2. Attempt to reach all underserved families in your community.

  3. Ensure the program activities allow students and families to engage together to enhance positive family engagement.

  4. For DCR/SEPTA/Community PTAs: Identify and engage at least four PTAs (or the equivalent thereof) to participate in the program or series of programs.


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Programs for Elementary or Middle School
PTA Connected: Be Internet Awesome, Sponsored by Google + YouTube

This program is for elementary and middle schools. 50 local PTAs will be selected, and each will be awarded $1,250 in funding. For this specific program, your PTA must ...

  1. Host a Be Internet Awesome program using the resources provided to engage parents and caregivers in meaningful and interactive peer-to-peer conversations about raising children in an online world.

  2. Help parents and caregivers create a shared understanding of healthy online habits and learn what it means to Be Internet Smart, Alert, Strong, Kind and Brave.

  3. Facilitate NEW! add-on programming (an additional ~15 minutes) focused on sharing Google online safety features and tools intended to help keep kids and families safe online (e.g., SafeSearch and Parental Controls). Participate in one virtual training session between Nov. 15 and Dec. 15 about this new programming and provide feedback to National PTA that will be shared with Google. Details coming soon!

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Programs for Middle or High School
Healthy Bodies Tobacco Prevention Campaign, sponsored by The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids

This program is for middle and high schools. At least 15 local PTAs/PTSAs serving grades 6-12 will be selected, and each will be awarded $1,250 in funding. For this specific funding, your PTA must …

  1. Utilize and promote the program’s co-created resources to host a Tobacco Prevention Campaign program that engages youth and families and assess the prevalence of tobacco use in your school community, including vaping, e-cigarette use and flavored tobacco product use.

  2. Execute advocacy efforts addressing the needs identified, including hosting Take Down Tobacco National Day of Action (spring 2024) anti-tobacco campaign activities and any other advocacy activities, such as: engaging school officials, community members and legislators about tobacco use and tobacco prevention, vaping, e-cigarette use and flavored tobacco product use or hosting listening sessions with families and decision-makers.

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Programs for High School
PTA Connected: Build Up and Belong, sponsored by Discord

This program is for high schools. 25 local PTAs/PTSAs will be selected, and each will be awarded $1,250 in funding. For this specific funding, your PTA must …

1. Host a Build Up and Belong program using the program resources provided by National PTA.

2. Facilitate meaningful and interactive discussions between teens and their caregivers about digital    dilemmas, specifically related to community and belonging.

3. Provide an overview of Discord.


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Fall 2023 Grant Questions? 

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for answers to the most common questions regarding the available fall 2023 programs grants.

Email with questions about the fall 2023 programs grants or application. We are here to support you every step of the way!

Fall 2023 Programs Grants Details and Next Steps 

  • The application process is now closed.
  • Applications will be judged through a double-blind review process using this rubric (en español).
  • National PTA will work with state PTAs to ensure local PTA good standing status.
  • Funding announcements will be made in mid-November.
  • Save the date: Selected PTAs will be expected to attend an introductory call, either live or recorded, that will take place Thursday, Nov. 30 at 1:00 p.m. EDT.
  • Selected PTAs will be expected to provide ACH information and complete an award letter outlining grant requirements in early December.
  • Pending completed paperwork, funding will be provided in early January.
  • Program implementation, unless otherwise stated, is expected to take place between January and April. PTAs will receive regular support, communication and opportunities for collaboration from National PTA Programs Staff throughout the program process.
  • Required program leader feedback will be due to National PTA in May.

Announcing the 2023-2024 Center for Family Engagement Challenge Grant and Fellowship Recipients

National PTA’s Center for Family Engagement, with the generous support of GoGuardian, is excited to support these eight District/ Council/ Region (DCR) PTAs to adopt the updated National Standards for Family-School Partnerships through systems change approaches with this $2,000 in funding.

The 2023-2024 Advancing Family-School Partnerships Challenge Grant recipients are:
  • Hillsborough County Council PTA (Fla.)
  • Huntsville Council PTA (Ala.)
  • Nassau Region PTA (N.Y.)
  • Northwest ISD Council of PTAs (Texas)
  • Orange County Council PTA (Fla.)
  • Parma Council of PTAs (Ohio)
  • Richardson ISD Council of PTAs (Texas)
  • Ventura Council of PTAs (Calif.)

National PTA’s Center for Family Engagement, with the generous support of GoGuardian, will support these five principals with a $1,500 stipend for their learning and contributions. Through this 12-month fellowship, these principals will identify a local problem of practice to strengthen their leadership around family-school partnerships and advise on the development of new resources for school leaders to support implementation of National PTA’s updated National Standards for Family-School Partnerships.

The 2023-2024 National PTA Principal Fellows for Family-School Partnerships are:
  • Dr. Latonya Cooper (Fla.)
  • Demetria Geathers (Fla.)
  • Dr. Julie Haake (Ill.)
  • Katrina Long (Ga.)
  • Richard Schwartz (N.Y.)