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National PTA 125th Anniversary

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Engaging, Educational and Fun Opportunities

National PTA Programs provide access to engaging, educational and fun opportunities that inspire, recognize and impact all students and their families.

NEW! Programs Where You Are

National PTA offers In-Person and At-Home Programs (Spanish) and Program Models (Spanish) to meet students and families where they are. Partnering with caregivers and schools, National PTA programs are designed to support the physical, social-emotional and learning needs of students while having fun!

How to Select a Model

Local PTAs are encouraged to select PTA Programs and program delivery models based on the unique needs of their school community.

Follow CDC guidelines and those outlined by your school leadership. If you are able to host In-Person events, consider:

  • Holding your program outside
  • Holding your program in a large open space, allowing proper spacing between families
  • Cleaning surfaces before and after program
  • Offering masks and wipes/hand sanitizer at the door

Or, use an At-Home program model, either Self-Paced or Tech-Free.

Each program is flexible and offers free technical assistance leader-to-leader learning opportunities and “drag and drop” materials necessary for success.

Programs List

Get Started Today!

View and print our How to Get Started Guide (Spanish) or check out the following tips:

  • Think about who you are serving. Understanding your community and seeking diverse perspectives in the planning process will make your PTA programs stronger and more impactful.

  • Gain input. Reach out to your school community to learn what initiatives are most needed or most interesting. This will help your PTA tailor programs that will meet the needs of all families.

  • Apply for grants. Check out our award and grant opportunities that can help your PTA implement or enhance programs.

  • Learn from other PTA Leaders and stay connected to National PTA on social media and through our e-newsletters. Email with any questions along the way.

  • Share your successes with your school community, your state PTA and National PTA @NationalPTA using the hashtags #PTA Programs and #HowWePTA.


National PTA Programs In Person

Be sure to refer to current CDC guidance and the guidelines outlined by your school leadership to host an In-Person model.


National PTA Programs At Home

At-Home models are further divided into three delivery methods: Real-Time, Self-Paced or Tech-Free.

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Self-Paced Icon

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PTA Leaders Share the Impact of National PTA Programs

“The best part of the program was being able to see how enthusiastic our students were during the live virtual program and being able to interact with one another during these difficult times….I also really loved facilitating this program!”

“National PTA Programs address needs current families have, advance the mission by empowering families to support their children's education and wellbeing, and are packaged so that local leaders spend minimum time strategizing on content, communication and overall implementation.”

“National PTA Programs impact students by giving them exposure to something they might not have otherwise. In a world where kids don’t always have opportunities, this gives it to them access with people who are familiar to them.”

“This program impacted more students than any other program this year, and even in the past few years!"

National PTA Grants


National PTA has grants to provide extra support to PTAs in running their programs.

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National PTA as a Grantmaker
Learn how National PTA’s grantmaking approach has evolved over the past four years.

Learn how to prioritize diversity, equity & inclusion when planning and implementing programs for your PTA.

There is No Wrong Way to PTA

Did you know?

School of Excellence

You can leverage National PTA Programs to earn the 2-year School of Excellence designation. Learn more and enroll staring May 1 at

National PTA Programs

School of Excellence


Enroll to become key partners in school improvement initiatives and gain national recognition for demonstrating excellence in family-school partnerships!

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Reflections Art Program


Encourage and celebrate student participation in arts education through our nationwide awards program!

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Family Reading Experience


Engage families of K-5 students in fun, interactive activities that teach core reading skills.

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STEM + Families


Explore science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) with our family-friendly, interactive activities!

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Healthy Lifestyles


Learn about the three pillars of Healthy Lifestyles: body, mind and earth. Access these resources to create healthy changes in schools.

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PTA Connected


PTA Connected strives to help children act safely, responsibly and thoughtfully online.

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Additional Programs Resources

Connect for Respect


A step-by-step process for assessing the school culture and working with the entire school community to create an action plan to prevent bullying.

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Share PTA Program Successes

Share your PTA program photos and stories through school social media channels. Tag #HowWePTA and @NationalPTA and follow us:
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