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Don't limit the STEM fun to school—bring the STEM excitement home and get the whole family involved in the fun.

National PTA and Bayer have developed a series of hands-on activities families can do. PTAs can also package the activities into STEM at Home bundles for families.

Find additional at-home activities on our STEM Resources webpage.

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Activities and Kits


STEM at Home Activities are divided into two categories:

Learn at Home Activities require common household items that you likely already have available within your home. Try these experiments out anytime!

STEM at Home Kits require items you may not have readily available within your home and may require some preparation before you begin.

PTAs can package these activities for families with our STEM at Home Kit Builder to select, budget and create the STEM at Home Kits.

Learn at Home Activities

Learn at Home Activities use common household items that you likely already have available within your home.

NEW Learn at Home Activities

These new Learn at Home are activities are categorized by grade and include videos, pictures, literacy resources, and extension activity ideas. Check it out!

Kindergarten Activities

Potion Lab (Spanish)
Creat-ure Catcher Challenge (Spanish)

First Grade Activities

Moon Dough Lab (Spanish)
Mini-Golf Course (Spanish)

Second Grade Activities

Tide Pool Experiment (Spanish)
Candy Dispenser Challenge (Spanish)

Third Grade Activities

Chemical Reaction Car (Spanish)
Simple Machine Playground Challenge (Spanish)

Fourth Grade Activities

Quicksand Experiment (Spanish)
Archimedes Screw Challenge (Spanish)

Fifth Grade Activities

Earthquake House Challenge (Spanish)
Roller Coaster Challenge (Spanish)

Invisible Ink

Write a secret message using lemons!

Osmosis Egg

Model how cells do diffusion and osmosis.

Plastic Milk

Create plastic from the casein protein in milk.

Rainbow Flowers

Get white flowers to turn different colors.

Strawberries DNA

Extract the DNA from strawberries!

STEM at Home Kits

STEM at Home Kits require some materials you may not have readily available in your home. You can order the materials for your family; a PTA can also order materials to package the activities for families. Use our Excel Spreadsheet to select, budget and create the STEM at Home Kits.


Launch a homemade rocket using a chemical reaction!

Balloon Boat

Learn how to create a boat that is powered by air.

Bubble Fun

Create bubbles inside bubbles without popping them!

Cartesian Driver

Observe how buoyancy works.

Copper Tape Flashlights
Elephant Toothpaste

Create a mixture out of liquids and a living yeast.

Garden in a Glove

See the life cycle of plants by literally growing your own plants in a plastic glove!

Lemon Battery

Use lemons as the power source to light up an LED.

Robot Name Tag

Create a circuit on paper to light up the robot in the name tags.

Tiny Catapult

Create a simple machine to launch small objects.

STEM in Careers


Learn from professionals how disciplines of STEM are used in various careers. Stay tuned career videos and accompanying STEM activities.

Career in Architecture

Listen in as architect Hector Garcia talks about his career and its relation to one of our new STEM activities, a playground design challenge.


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