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Home Experiments

Don’t limit the STEM fun your family has to the school – bring STEM excitement home! National PTA and Bayer have developed five hands-on science experiments families can do together for minimal cost.

Take-Home Kits

National PTA suggests five experiments that PTAs can assemble into take-home kits to extend STEM learning beyond the school. These five experiments have associated "how-to" videos and facilitator guides. Your PTA should be able to purchase the supplies for 100 take-home science kits for around $200. For more information on the type, quantity, and cost of the supplies, check out this spreadsheet. You can also use this "STEM at Home" Amazon list that links directly to the supplies you need.

Sponsored by Bayer

Featured Experiment: Balloon Boat

Learn how to create a boat that is powered by air! As featured in February’s Our Children Magazine.

Experiment 1: Alka-Rockets

Launch a homemade rocket using a chemical reaction!

Experiment 2: Bubble Fun

Create bubbles inside bubbles without popping them!

Experiment 3: Copper Tape Flashlights

Make your own flashlight!

Experiment 4: Garden in a Glove

See the life cycle of plants by literally growing your own plants in a plastic glove!

Experiment 5: Glowing Name Tags

Create a nametag that lights up!


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