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Don't limit the STEM fun to school—bring the STEM excitement home and get the whole family involved in the fun. National PTA and Bayer have developed a series of hands-on activities families can do. PTAs can package the activities into STEM @ Home bundles for families.

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Learn @ Home Activities

Learn @ Home Activities use common household items that you should already have available within your home.

STEM @ Home Kits

STEM @ Home Kits may require some materials you do not have readily available in your home. You can order the materials for your family. A PTA can also order materials to package the activities for families. Use our Excel Spreadsheet to select, budget and create the STEM @ Home bundles.

L@H Experiment 1: Invisible Ink

Write a secret message using lemons!

S@H Experiment 1: Alka-Rockets

Launch a homemade rocket using a chemical reaction!

L@H Experiment 2: Osmosis Egg

Model how cells do diffusion and osmosis.

S@H Experiment 2: Balloon Boat

Learn how to create a boat that is powered by air.

L@H Experiment 3: Plastic Milk

Create plastic from the casein protein in milk.

S@H Experiment 3: Bubble Fun

Create bubbles inside bubbles without popping them!

L@H Experiment 4: Rainbow Flowers

Get white flowers to turn different colors.

S@H Experiment 4: Cartesian Driver

Observe how buoyancy works.

L@H Experiment 5: Strawberries DNA

Extract the DNA from strawberries!

S@H Experiment 5: Copper Tape Flashlights

Make your own flashlight!

S@H Experiment 6: Elephant Toothpaste

Create a mixture out of liquids and a living yeast.

S@H Experiment 7: Garden in a Glove

See the life cycle of plants by literally growing your own plants in a plastic glove!

S@H Experiment 8: Lemon Battery

Use lemons as the power source to light up an LED.

S@H Experiment 9: Robot Name Tag

Create a circuit on paper to light up the robot in the name tags.

S@H Experiment 10: Tiny Catapult

Create a simple machine to launch small objects.


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