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STEM + Families

Promote STEM Education with Math Nights

National PTA is committed to providing families hands-on exposure to science, technology, engineering and math to educate and inspire students to explore career possibilities in STEM through Math Nights, sponsored by Mathnasium. 

The STEM + Families Math Nights program aims to:

  • Empower children of all backgrounds to become interested in STEM education and careers
  • Help children explore math at their own levels through games and activities
  • Involve families in a fun, enjoyable shared math experience

PTA’s vision is for all students to have the family and community support they need to access and pursue opportunities and careers in the STEM fields. Watch this video from National PTA President Anna King who will introduce you to Math Nights, including Mathnasium and their involvement in our STEM + Families initiative:

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Host a STEM + Families Math Night


We encourage local PTAs to host a STEM + Families Math Night to promote opportunities for families to participate in shared, hands-on math activities and to inspire kids and families to pursue careers in STEM! 

Math Nights engage students and parents together in math activities, using fun learning experiences and games. These experiences inspire students’ interest in math, help them understand and master math concepts, promote STEM literacy and empower families to support their children’s success in math.

PTAs will host live Math Nights in collaboration with their local Mathnasium to bring together students and families to participate in fun, enjoyable math activities and games, and to promote career opportunities in STEM fields. Be sure to refer to current CDC guidance when you host in person.

Programs Where You Are

National PTA offers In-Person and At-Home program models to meet students and families where they are. Work with your school community, your administration, and your local Mathnasium Learning Center to determine which program model is best for your PTA. In-Person Math Night events as well as Real-Time Virtual Math Nights At-Home are offered. 

Local PTAs are encouraged to select PTA Programs and program delivery models based on the unique needs of their school community.

Each program is flexible and offers free technical assistance, leader-to-leader learning opportunities, and “drag and drop” materials necessary for success.


National PTA Programs In Person

Be sure to refer to current CDC guidance to host an In-Person model.


National PTA Programs At Home

At-Home model has one delivery method:

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In-Person STEM + Families Math Night Toolkit


Team up with your local Mathnasium center to host a STEM + Families Math Night! Mathnasium is dedicated to bringing fun and exciting Math Nights to elementary schools nationwide. This toolkit is organized into four steps with links to documents and sample templates you can customize for your own PTA and school. Contact your local Mathnasium using this Mathnasium location search.

You can also download this Hosting a STEM + Families Math Night From Start to Finish Guide, which includes the same information as the toolkit all in one PDF.

STEP 1: Plan Your Event

The first thing you should do is check to see if there is a Mathnasium in your territory to co-host your Math Event. After getting in touch with them, choose a date and start planning!

(Hosting events like this is also a great way to recruit new PTA members! Consider having recruitment flyers like this one at your event.)

STEP 2: Promote Your Event
STEP 3: Host Your Event

Ensure that everything goes smoothly at your Math Event! Offer take-aways to parents who attend to help them retain and build on what they learned. Take pictures at the event and submit at least five photos of families engaging in the different activities. Your PTA should ensure that anyone depicted in the photos has signed a photo release permitting use of their photos in all National PTA and Mathnasium marketing and promotion efforts.

STEP 4: Wrap Up

Be sure to thank your PTA, Mathnasium, school staff, community partners and parent volunteers with the thank you letter below. National PTA recommends offering an incentive for completing the survey (e.g. enter names into a drawing for a $50 gift card donated by a local merchant) and having a volunteer available to assist students in completing the form.

STEM + Families Math Night
At-Home Toolkit


You can also host a Math Night as a live, virtual event. This option provides greater flexibility for families while also offering opportunities for conversation, community and learning. Work with your local Mathnasium Learning Center and co-host a Math Night. Potential hard costs: Activity materials (if distributing to families), inclusive promotional materials, gift certificates, virtual platform. If your school is not located near a Mathnasium, you may incur additional materials costs.

Math Nights in Action

Check out these OneVoice blog posts on local PTAs' events for examples of Math Nights across the country.

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What are Math Nights?

  • Events co-hosted by PTAs and Mathnasium in schools across the country
  • Involve families in a fun, enjoyable shared math experience
  • Turnkey: Mathnasium provides all games and materials for easy execution
  • Offered in support of National PTA's STEM + Families Initiative
  • Help kids explore math at their own levels through games and activities
  • Empower kids of all backgrounds to become interested in STEM education and careers

Mathnasium Math Tips

Grab these two resources from Mathnasium for grades K-5 and grades 6 & up.


What is Mathnasium?

  • A proud Founding Sponsor of National PTA’s STEM+Families.
  • Math-only experts in over 1,100 learning center locations worldwide.
  • Foundational to advanced tutoring for grades 1-12.
  • Transforming children’s lives by helping them understand and enjoy math.

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Email or call (800) 307-4782.

National PTA does not endorse any commercial entity, product, or service. No endorsement of Mathnasium is implied.


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