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Don’t limit the STEM fun your family has to the school – bring STEM excitement home! National PTA and Bayer have developed five hands-on science experiments families can do together for minimal cost.

Your PTA should be able to purchase the supplies for 100 take-home science kits (“STEM at Home Kits”) for around $175. Check out this spreadsheet (COMING SOON!) for more information on the type and cost of supplies you need.

Find detailed Facilitator’s Guides below that go step-by-step through each of the five experiments. Also, be sure to watch the “how-to” video for each experiment before beginning!

Sponsored by Bayer

Experiment 1: Alka-Rockets

Launch a homemade rocket using a chemical reaction!

Experiment 2: Bubble Fun

Create bubbles inside bubbles without popping them!

Experiment 3: Copper Tape Flashlights

Make your own flashlight!

Experiment 4: Garden in a Glove

See the life cycle of plants by literally growing your own plants in a plastic glove!

Experiment 5: Glowing Name Tags

Create a nametag that lights up!


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