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2018 Reflections Winners

Congratulations to the following student artists on their national achievements in the arts!

Register to attend the 2018 National PTA Awards and Reflections Celebration at the National PTA Convention & Expo in New Orleans on Saturday, June 23, 2018.

All winning works will be debuted at the U.S. Department of Education in Washington, DC. Save the date for the National PTA Student Arts Showcase and exhibit opening on January 22, 2019. 

Special Artist Awards

Outstanding Interpretation Award

Micah Williams The Light That is Still Shining
James G. Walsh Middle School PTA, Texas

Awards of Excellence

Dance Choreography
Priya Ramnarine 1000
Bel Air Middle School PTA, Maryland

Film Production
Jack Williams Six Ways to Trick Your Sister
Coronado High School PTA, Colorado

Christopher Fratz Moonlight
Park Western/Harbor Magnet Elementary PTA, California

Music Composition
Abbey Worsdell Within Reach
Vineyard Jr. High School PTSA, California

Hannah Cheeseman Reaching
John G. Dinkelmeyer PTA, New York

Visual Arts
Kenny Barr Rock n Roll and Graffiti Within Reach
Park Rapids Century School PTA, Minnesota

Reflections Special Artist

Dance Choreography Awards

Outstanding Interpretation Award

Eric Poor The Goal
Waples Mill Elementary PTA, Virginia

Primary Division

Awards of Excellence

Dhruthi Tadimalla The Girl who Persevered!
Brooklands PTA, Michigan

Harshtha Chander East West Fusion
Heritage Elementary PTA, Alabama

Kate Baldwin Sunshine
Canyon Elementary PTA, Utah

Awards of Merit

Arianna Lexi Miller 100 Turns To Find A Dream
Landstuhl Elementary Middle School PTSA, European Congress

Elisha L. Castillo Your Dreams Are Within Reach If You Work Hard!
Duncan Creek Elementary School PTA, Georgia

Jaylin White Don't Give Up!
Leawood Elementary PTA, Colorado

Jenna Le My Rainbow is Within Reach
Tony Tobin Elementary PTA, California

Trisha Shrestha My Heart's Desires
Forest View PTA, Washington

Intermediate Division

Awards of Excellence

Alexander McDaniel Dreamer
Dixie Canyon Elementary PTA, California

Ari Jazz Mayer Hope 2 Against 2000
Rogers Park Elementary PTA, Alaska

Ellie Badrock The Climb
Parsley Elementary School PTA, North Carolina

Awards of Merit

Elise Trimble Coming Home
Rosa Parks Elementary School PTA, Kentucky

Joshua Martin Breakin' to the Top
Mills Elementary PTA, Texas

Riley Zahorchak Reaching for the Stars
Olmsted Falls Intermediate School PTA, Ohio

Sarah Bloomingburg Make a Change
Bell's Crossing Elementary School PTA, South Carolina

Sophie Baldwin Play Your Part
Canyon Elementary PTA, Utah

Middle School Division

Awards of Excellence

Erin E. Bailey One Day
Great Neck Middle School PTA, Virginia

Sasha Plowman Getting Through Together
Bernard Campbell Middle School PTSA, Missouri

Vivian Lang The Return
Access Academy PTA, Oregon

Awards of Merit

Chloe Furnstahl Your Future is Unwritten
North Tapps Middle School PTSA, Washington

Eva Schluter Overcoming
Fontainebleau Jr. High PTA, Louisiana

Grace Johnson Dancing My Way to My Dreams
NorthStar Middle School PTSA, Wisconsin

Jason Shuman Fantasy vs. Reality
Clarksville Middle PTSA, Maryland

Kara Elizabeth Moy Reach for Redemption
Murchison Middle School PTA, Texas

High School Division

Awards of Excellence

Benjamin Peralta Tremors
Douglas Anderson School of the Arts PTSA, Florida

Haylee Richter Try a Little Tenderness
duPont Manual High School PTSA, Kentucky

Mikaila Murphy All They Know is Hate
Churchill High PTSA, Michigan

Awards of Merit

Dasia Amos Suddenly Things Fall Apart
Weaver Education Center PTA, North Carolina

Isabel Koontz Imagine Unity
Standley Lake High School PTSA, Colorado

Kelsey Gilbert Dreams
Long Reach High School PTSA, Inc., Maryland

Sophia Gaudiano Dancing Toward My Dreams
Science Hill High School PTSA, Tennessee

Spencer Stringham No Labels, No Limits
Layton High School PTSA, Utah

Reflections Dance Choreography

Film Production Awards

Outstanding Interpretation Award

Porter Christensen HELP
PineView High School PTA, Utah

Primary Division

Awards of Excellence

Asha Gigani My Ultimate Ninja Dream
Highland School PTA, Illinois

Letao Tao Mia the Horse Jockey
Garden City PTA, New York

Lukas Althoff Within Reach
Monterey El PTA, Ohio

Awards of Merit

Emma Bogle Sadie's Soccer Game
Oakview Elementary PTA, South Carolina

Landon Gribar Never Give Up, Up, Up!
Hahntown PTA, Pennsylvania

Samuel Bae My Journey to Black Belt
Columbia Elementary PTA, Alabama

Sanjana Beedupalli Making Peace with Your Sister is Within Reach 
Eden Gardens Fundamental PTA, Louisiana

Matteo Lambert Lesson From Tommy
Wolftrap Elementary PTA, Virginia

Intermediate Division

Awards of Excellence

Carson Palmer Love Within Reach: A Hamster Tale
Castle Heights Elementary PTA, Utah

Javon Leonard Within Reach: The Story of MJ
Varner Elementary School PTA, Georgia

Shriya Iyer Power of Education
Beverly Elementary PTA, Texas

Awards of Merit

Alysse Davis Puppy
Fort Dorchester Elementary School, South Carolina

Hannah Symonds My Dream of Becoming a Firefighter is Within Reach
Bethel Elementary PTA, Virginia

Noah Taylor Within Reach: The Adventures of Education Stickbot
Stillwater Public School PTA, Oklahoma

Abe VanDevender Slappy Fish Battle
Lewis and Clark Elementary PTA, Washington

Chase Friedman Anything is Within Reach 
North Polk West Elementary PTA, Iowa

Middle School Division

Awards of Excellence

Griffin Hon The Great Drought of Causbotania
Harry B Thompson Middle School PTSA, New York

Kameron Owens Hope Is Within Reach
North Gwinnett Middle School, Georgia

Rumaisa Bhatti Success is Within Reach
Murphy Middle School PTA, Texas

Awards of Merit

Benjamin Sauer The Conductor
Florence Pope PTA, Washington

Lauren Mirenda Remembrances
Terrill Middle School PTA, New Jersey

Mark Owens Oosiboos
Camp Road Middle School PTA, South Carolina

Owen Keller The Golden Acorn
Shore Middle School PTSA, Ohio

Sereen Yusuf How I Portrayed the Voices of the People
Gunston Middle School PTA, Virginia

High School Division

Awards of Excellence

Ariella Nelson Reaching for Health
Mercer Island High School PTSA, Washington

Julian Bass Take It
Brookwood High School PTSA, Georgia

Nina Sehgal Within Reach: The Video Game
Apex Friendship High School PTSA, North Carolina

Awards of Merit

Ash Martinez Urquiza Within Reach
Wakefield High School PTSA, Virginia

Brian Lachowski Brain Lachowski's "Within Reach"
Fairview Park High School PTA, Ohio

Ellison Mitchum Hang Time
Summerville High School PTA, South Carolina

India Smith Coping with Stress
duPont Manual High School PTSA, Kentucky

Iseult Lyons Drawing Conclusions
Santa Monica High School PTA, California

Reflections Film Production

Literature Awards

Outstanding Interpretation Award

Emily Liu A Portrait of a Traveler 
Neuqua Valley High School PTSA, Illinois

Primary Division

Awards of Excellence

Annvi Patnala Happiness Within Reach
Henry P. Mohr Elementary PTA, California

Emma Lindsay Freedom Within Reach 
Windy Ridge PTA, Florida

Nikemi Aworeni Hope in the Storm
Austin Parkway Elementary PTA, Texas

Awards of Merit

Chloe Marks Sophi Reaching for the Stars
Robert Harris Elementary PTA, Indiana

Joseph Hester From Age 7 to Age 28
Danville Elementary School PTA, New Hampshire

Julia Malsam Isabella and the Dream Within Reach
CC Lee Elementary PTA, South Dakota

Olivia Gabor Happiness
Delran Elementary School PTA, New Jersey

Oriana Thomas I Can Do Anything
Bower HIll Elementary PTA, Pennsylvania

Intermediate Division

Awards of Excellence

Brian Zhang Within My Reach 
Amerman Elementary PTA, Michigan

Joshua Johnson Creation Within Reach
Fox Hills Elementary PTA, Utah

Sarah Koshy Imagination Within Reach
Eden Gardens Fundamental PTA, Louisiana

Awards of Merit

Anna Ling Finally Free
Tarpon Springs Fundamental Elementary PTA, Florida

Danika Curtin A Different Sky 
Daniels Farm PTA, Connecticut

Elinor Cummings The Last Apple
Brookside PTA, Washington

Ishya Bhavsar Stars in the City
Briarwood Elementary PTA, Kansas

Nina Howards A Letter to My Future Self
Vienna Elementary PTA, North Carolina

Middle School Division

Awards of Excellence

Kiara Wright In the Worst of Times
Louise Archer Elementary PTA, Virginia

Mazie Johnson Impossible
J.W. Williams Middle School PTA, Texas

Quinn Mulvey Wildfire
Bedford Middle School PTA, Connecticut

Awards of Merit

Charimaine Schlosser Within Reach
Herndon Magnet PTSA, Louisiana

Delaney Fitzgerald The Speck
Bridgeview Elementary PTA, Iowa

Lily Tierney The Spirit of the Wind Chime
Woodhull School PTA, New York

Reese Nelson Mountain Boy
Collierville Middle School PTA, Tennessee

Reiyah Jacobs A Baby's Understanding
Edison PTA, Wisconsin

High School Division

Awards of Excellence

Morgan Miller Cross County - The Only True Sport
Pleasant Valley High School PTA, Iowa

Sarah Kang The Dinner Table
Hopkinton PTA, Massachusetts

Skyler Wu Thank You, Belly
Del Norte PTSA, California

Awards of Merit

Brooke Elliott Among the Pearls
Little Rock Central High School PTSA, Arkansas

Karl Miller Is a Just World Within Reach?
Newtown High School PTSA, Connecticut

Laura Miley The Berlin Wall
Byron Nelson High School PTSA, Texas

Rishab Haldar 60 Seconds
North Star Unit - Minnesota PTA, Minnesota

Tess O'Brien Not Anymore
Blind Brook PTA, New York

Reflections Literature

Music Composition Awards

Outstanding Interpretation Award

Michael Sears Salam
Perry Meridian High School PTSA, Indiana

Primary Division

Awards of Excellence

Elina Ojha Reaching for the Stars
Elizabeth Haddon PTA, New Jersey

Seth Landers Greyhound Racing: Saving Them is Within Reach
George Whitlow Elementary PTA, Georgia

Violet Rivers Transformation
Eagle Rock Elementary PTA, California

Awards of Merit

Adam Starling Car Line
Jennie Moore Elementary PTA, South Carolina

Julia Amato Magical Mountain
Tuckahoe Elementary School PTA, Virginia

Keshav Kaushik Gopal Cat and Mouse
Blind Brook PTA, New York

Thomas Frazier Change to Rain
Grovecrest Elementary PTA, Utah

William Maeda A Violinist's Journey
Dooley Elementary PTA, Illinois

Intermediate Division

Awards of Excellence

Latham Young Change
Lone Star Statewide PTA, Texas

Lucas Kreitlow A Man on Mars: Time to Build a New World… From Scratch
Landstuhl Elementary Middle School PTSA, European Congress

Rebecca Eifrid Moonflight
Haley PTA, Indiana

Awards of Merit

Elijah Crist Upgrading Music
Meadow Lark PTA, Montana

Jarrett Galzki The Unexplored World: It's a Little Out There, but Still Within Reach
Park Rapids Century School PTA, Minnesota

Jashan Ahuja My Grandma is Within Reach
Fairfield Elementary Magnet PTA, Louisiana

Lydia Marden My Dreams are In Reach
Windham PTA, Maine

Rachel Rutherford Part of Me
Plain Elem PTA, South Carolina

Middle School Division

Awards of Excellence

Aidan Scheuer Fluid Dynamics
Lee Burneson Middle PTA, Ohio

Minjae Eum Grasp the Abrupt Snow
Baldwin Arts and Academic Magnet PTSA, Alabama

Shawn Nakayama First Steps
Vancouver School of Arts & Academics PTSA, Washington

Awards of Merit

Albert Wang The Adventurous Voyage - Hope Within Reach
Falcon Cove Middle School PTA, Florida

Brendan Rardon Almost There
Oakbrook Middle School PTSA, South Carolina

Emily Fitzgerald It's Possible
Hayfield Elementary School PTA, Virginia

Mason Parker The Ride
Ramstein Middle School PTSA, European Congress

Tiffany Johnson Reach For Your Family
Parents at West Middle School PTA, South Dakota

High School Division

Awards of Excellence

Alexander Behura Une Vie a Paris - A Life in Paris
Valencia High School PTSA, California

Jenny Xiong Dream Girl
Inglemoor High School, Washington

Nandita Dey It is Calling
Davidson High School PTSA, Alabama

Awards of Merit

Abigail Salamera Bold Beginnings
Standley Lake High School PTSA, Colorado

Benjamin Davis Although the Grass Withers (Hope Remains)
Emsley Laney High PTSA, North Carolina

Chloe Frantz R.H.
Newark High School, Delaware

Connor Squellati Cycle of Transcendence
Rock Bridge High School PTSA, Missouri

Thomas Jensen Circa Finem
Newtown High School PTSA, Connecticut

Reflections Music Composition

Photography Awards

Outstanding Interpretation Award

Josh Luboski I will. Just Watch Me
Mentor High PTSA, Ohio

Primary Division

Awards of Excellence

Lincoln Hodson Magical Reach
Sacajawea PTA, Montana

Lowri Rogers Girls Can Do Anything
Flocktown-Kossmann PTA, New Jersey

Sydney Jenkins Gold Medal Gymnast
Rosa Parks Elementary School PTA, Kentucky

Awards of Merit

Audrey Anne Spiceland Girl Power
Lakeland Elementary School PTA, Tennessee

Micah Hamill My Future is Within Reach
Cascade Elementary PTA, Utah

Noah Anding Just Hanging Around
Nikiski Northstar Elementary PTA, Alaska

Pierra Rozen-Nowac A Helping Hand
Third Street School PTA, California

Sawyer Walter Within Reach
Cook Elementary PTA, Arkansas

Intermediate Division

Awards of Excellence

Ella Lindenberg A Friend is Always Within Reach
Kenbrook Elementary PTA, Michigan

Isabela McMillan Reach For My Dreams
Rabbit Creek Elementary PTA, Alaska

Nicholas Shortridge Role Models Within Reach
Hackensack Middle School PTA, New Jersey

Awards of Merit

Addison King Soon I will Be...
Southwest Elementary School PTA, North Carolina

Adelaide Flint Stronger
George Mason Elementary School PTA, Virginia

Ava MacDowell Dream Big by Reaching High in the Sky
Hendricks Avenue PTA, Florida

Kerrigan Moses NYC Dreaming
Steenrod Elementary PTA, West Virginia

Makelle Madsen Catching Stars
Stone Ranch Elementary PTA, California

Middle School Division

Awards of Excellence

Lucas Burton Brasher Stars Within Reach 
Briarhill Middle School PTA, Texas

Natalie Keckler One Moment
Crosby Middle School PTSA, Kentucky

Zoe Chu Fly Further
Sanford Middle School PTSA, Florida

Awards of Merit

Amanda Beard Nature's Beauty
Mauldin Middle School PTA, South Carolina

Ansel LaPier Bridges Connect Our World
Greenacres Middle School PTA, Washington

Jozsef Eyer Szabadsag (Liberty, Freedom)
Carmel Middle School PTSA, North Carolina

Lily Vennemeyer Reaching for Freedom
Heritage Middle School PTSA, Ohio

Phillip Zhavoronkov Magic is Within You
Meads Mill Middle PTSA, Michigan

High School Division

Awards of Excellence

Ben Eskenazi Above the Below
Issaquah High PTSA, Washington

Cierra Steele Smoke of the Past and Future
Thomas B. Doherty PTSA, Colorado

Leah Riben Indestructible
Walled Lake Northern PTSA, Michigan

Awards of Merit

Brianna Martinez Open Hand Open Mind
Harrison High School PTA, New York

Matthew Benson Wet Diamonds
Park Rapids Century High School PTA, Minnesota

Maya Bell Reach for the Sky
Rock Bridge High School PTSA, Missouri

Rachel Suggs Chew Thin Air
Staples High School PTSA, Connecticut

Zachery Key 18th Hole & Par for the Course
Liberty High School PTSA, Virginia

Reflections Photography

Visual Arts Awards

Outstanding Interpretation Award

Elliot Flores Synchronicity
Oak Lawn-Hometown Middle School PTSA, Illinois

Primary Division

Awards of Excellence

Grace Cao Help is Within Reach
Commonwealth Elementary PTA, Texas

Reese Marino You Cannot Say Truth Without Ruth
Ridgecrest Elementary PTA, Utah

Sydney McKernan Losing a Dog
Stratfield Elementary School PTA, Connecticut

Awards of Merit

Aarya Rohith Clean City, My Dream City
McAuliffe PTA, Washington

Elsie Sorkin Super Dog Reaches for a Cupcake on a Table
Dennison Elementary PTA, Colorado

Heidi Chen Higher and Higher I Go
Englewood Cliffs PTA, New Jersey

Joseph Yoon The Dream of Reaching Out Under the Sea
Poplar Tree Elementary PTA, Virginia

Sarah May Turkey Dinner
Arrowhead PTA, Montana

Intermediate Division

Awards of Excellence

Dinithi Senevirathna Nothing Is Impossible
Camelot Intermediate PTA, South Dakota

Katie Ross Nelson Miss Phenomenally Phenomenal
Ruth Dunn Elementary PTA, Kentucky

Selah Holston It's Within Reach
Nelson Knights PTA, Virginia

Awards of Merit

Addison Hinson Reach Out for Creativity
Sherwood Forest Elementary School PTA, North Carolina

Ava Carroll So Close But So Far
Belinder Elementary PTA, Kansas

Kai Jo Ya-Ho
Lakeview Elementary PTA, Utah

Kendyl Hartdegen Unity
Tara Oaks Elementary School PTA, Tennessee

Tanya Rastogi Reaching for Mars
Riverdale Heights Elementary PTA, Iowa

Middle School Division

Awards of Excellence

Ashini Modi Peace Within Reach
Caddo Middle Magnet PTSA, Louisiana

Erewyn Limric Yearning to Breathe Free
Kalles Junior High PTSA, Washington

Harshita Shet Unity
Woodlands PTSA, New York

Awards of Merit

Ashley Chi Making a Change
Frost Middle School PTA, Virginia

Dylan Beckett Bridging the Gap
Access Academy PTA, Oregon

Ella Coash-Johnson Different Forest 
Westridge Middle School PTSA, Kansas

Faseeha Bashir An Immigrant's American Dream
Eman School PTA, Indiana

James Farrington Endless Possibilities
Westmoreland PTA, New Hampshire

High School Division

Awards of Excellence

Anna Lim One day...
Northwood High PTSA, California

Ellis Chong Found My Paintbrush
Allen High School Lowery Freshman Center PTSA, Texas

Sydney Cha Dear Rita
Lake Braddock Secondary School PTSA, Virginia

Awards of Merit

Allison Sink Through the Window
Olympus High School PTSA, Utah

Ava Ziche The Dreamer Behind the Story
Sabah Kinder Art Academy PTSA, Georgia

Francis Ian F. Anino The Change Is In Our Hands
Robert Service High School PTSA, Alaska

Moy Zhong Stars Within Reach
Rock Bridge High School PTSA, Missouri

Zhuoyuan Li (Peter) Fight On
Marriotts Ridge High School PTSA, Maryland

Reflections Visual Arts