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Everything You Need to Run Your State's PTA Reflections Program

Welcome to the State PTA Reflections Library, the hidden resource page for state PTA Reflections leaders who are hosting National PTA's Reflections program.

As a state-run program, State PTA Reflections leaders are expected to develop and implement the Reflections program for Local, District, Region and Council PTAs. For specific roles and responsibilities, download the State PTA Leader's Guide.

On this page, you will find template program materials for your state's Reflections program, training materials, information on our State Reflections Network, a calendar with important dates and links to resources from our arts partners.

**The resources on this page are meant for state-level use only, for the design and implementation of their state PTA's Reflections program.**


Important Information and Reminders

Take a quick look at these important updates and reminders!

The 2022-2023 Show Your Voice! Reflections program has launched! Find program materials available below to help you in updating your state Reflections webpages. If you aren’t able to edit and post your state-specific guides just yet, consider updating your webpage with "Coming Soon," messages.

To help you develop your state's Reflections program timeline, check out our State Reflections Leader Calendar

Reflections registration is open! Register your state in advance and begin encouraging all levels of PTA in your state to register at

The general running registration report (updated bi-weekly) is found here. Remember you can email to request a complete registration report and use the information collected to promote the program and potentially grow participation. 

See how National PTA uses the data in our Reflections Data Report for the 2021-2022 I Will Change the World By... program year.

We hope you enjoyed the 2021-2022 I Will Change the World By... Virtual Outstanding Interpretation Reflections Winners Celebration. You can watch the full celebration video on National PTA's YouTube channel here.

R - Show Your Voice_InstagramAnimoto

2022-2023 Reflections Theme

The 2022-2023 Reflections theme is Show Your Voice! 


Launch Your State PTA Reflections Program

Update Your State PTA Reflections Webpage

Use your State PTA Reflections webpage to widely share Reflections program materials and information with PTA units and participants in your state. Based on input and questions from the field, we highly recommend including the following:

  • Program information, including due dates for each level of PTA in your state and how students and PTA units can participate.
  • Contact information, including where to direct Reflections-specific questions.
  • Category rules and guidelines, including any state-specific rules. As a state Reflections leader, you may adjust the guidelines or you may choose to directly post the guidelines provided by National PTA.

Register Your State

As Reflections is a state-run program, your registration is especially important to National PTA. Thank you for registering your State PTA's participation in Reflections and sharing this link on your state Reflections webpage and promotions.

Open until February 1, 2023

Program Resources

Use these resources to better understand the program and host a fantastic State PTA Reflections Program: 

Use these PTA Leader resources to train and support PTAs of all levels in implementing their Reflections programs: 

All students must submit a signed entry form along with their artwork. Please note that National PTA will accept typed signatures so digital platforms may be used for entry collection. 

All entries advancing to the national level for review must follow the rules for their specific arts category and division. However, as the Reflections program is largely managed on the state-level, State Reflections Chairs may adjust the guidelines to best support your state’s program. National PTA does not publicly share the following Reflections guidelines and we recommend posting either your state-specific rules or the following guidelines provided by National PTA on your state's Reflections webpage.

Use the materials on our Arts Ed Resource page, like the ArtsEd Leader's Guide and Diversity Arts Celebration Guide, to advocate for arts education and prioritize diversity in the arts in your state.
Promotional Materials

Use the available promotional materials to help inspire creativity and participation among PTAs and student artists in your state. And follow Reflections on National PTA's OneVoice blog and YouTube Channel for more promotional blogs and videos to share. 

Printable Promotional Material
Social Media Theme Images
Category/Division Images
Reflections Reports

To show the wide reach of the program and the importance of the arts, we highly encourage Reflections participants and PTAs of all levels to register their participation at As State Reflections Chairs, you can then use the collected information to better understand participation in your state and adjust your outreach efforts as needed, to reach all students.

Find a general running registration report (updated bi-weekly) or you can request more detailed information by emailing please email

Learn more and share these Reflections data reports when promoting the program to potential partners, volunteers or participants. 

Annual Theme Search Contest

Every year, National PTA hosts our annual Reflections Theme Search Contest to select one student theme to inspire student artists as they participate in the national Reflections program. Themes are selected two years in advance. Students can participate in the Reflections Theme Search Contest according to the process and guidelines outlined by their State PTA Reflections Program.

Launch Your State's Theme Search Contest 
State PTAs may submit up to five student-created themes to National PTA for review and consideration. You may collect student entries in whatever manner best serves your PTA but all advancing submissions must include the information in National PTA's Theme Search Entry Form. Submissions are due Dec. 1, 2022 by 11:59 PM PST

Use these resources to launch your call for student submissions:

Use these graphics to promote your state's Theme Search Contest: 

Theme Search Winners

One winning student's theme is selected by a team of National PTA volunteers based on originality and creativity. The winning student is awarded $100 and national recognition. Check out the past 50+ years of winning themes – all submitted by students – here.

Special thanks and congratulations, once again, to our previous Theme Search Contest winners and all of the State PTAs who participated in the Theme Search Contest! 

  • Jason Yevin, from Salk/Macarthur PTSA in New York, for the 2022-2022 Reflections theme Show Your Voice! See Alice's blog feature here.
  • Alice Meko, from Hampton Cove Elementary PTA in Alabama, the 2023-2024 Reflections theme will be I Am Hopeful Because… See Alice's blog feature here.


State Reflections Network

Get Connected, Stay Informed!

Connect with National PTA and fellow State Reflections leaders by joining our growing State Reflections Network!

The State Reflections Network provides members shared learning opportunities and the latest updates and reminders from National PTA. Joining the State Reflections Network also provides State Reflections Chairs exclusive access to the State Reflections Network BAND, the Student Entry Portal and more!

Please refer to this running list of State Reflections Chairs to be sure you are included in the Network. If you are missing from this list and would like to be included please complete this enrollment form.

Newsletters and Trainings

The State Reflections Network provides members shared learning opportunities and the latest updates and reminders from National PTA. Use this section to find upcoming and past Reflections Newsletters and Reflections Chat sessions.

Network Reflections Chats
Reflections Chats

Members of our State Reflections Network are encouraged to join and review the recordings of our trainings for helpful information and the opportunity to network with fellow state-level Reflections leaders.

Reflections Chat sessions include small group break-out room discussions, guided by suggested questions and collected through collaborative shared resource documents. For these sessions, we encourage you to join via computer and use video, if able, to better communicate and connect. 

Coming Soon Upcoming Reflections Chat Sessions:

Register and mark your calendars for these check-ins using the links below: 

Network Newsletters
State Reflections Network Newsletters

Throughout the program, we will email e-newsletters with program reminders, information and invitations for optional trainings and collaborations to help participating State Reflections Chairs manage their state-wide programs.

State Reflections Network Newsletters


Join BAND to Collaborate

We are excited to continue our partnership with the communication platform, BAND. As a State Reflections Chair, you are invited to join our exclusive State Reflections Network BAND, a space for State PTA Reflections Chairs to communicate with one another about Reflections.

Our exclusive BAND - just for State Reflections leaders - is a space for you to ask questions, share tips, post photos, videos and more! We will also use this BAND to provide you training opportunities, timely updates and access to resources and information. 

Check out our BAND and Your Reflections Program resource and learn about the many features BAND has to offer, including file sharing, chatrooms and posts. Using BAND can help your PTA to create solid lines of communication to make managing your Reflections program easier and more impactful.

National PTA Student Entry Portal

The Reflections Student Entry Portal is a tool designed for State PTA’s to submit student entries to the national level. The Student Entry Portal is currently closed.

State PTAs must use the National PTA Reflections Student Entry Portal to submit their winning entries to the national level for review. However, to collect or manage entries on the Local, District, Council and State levels, State PTAs may use whatever platform works best for their Reflections program. 

Ensure your account information and permissions are accurate in the Student Entry Portal by completing the State Network Enrollment Form. Should you have concerns about your account or would like to request additional individuals be added to your account, please email

Student Entry Portal Resources

National PTA provides the following guides to support State PTA's in utilizing the Student Entry Portal for advancing entries to the national level for review. Please familiarize yourself with the platform and email your questions to

A recorded training video for leaders on the Local, Council, District and/or Region level is available by request to

Encourage and celebrate student participation in arts education.

Learn about our winners, events and exhibits and see what you can win!

Apply for a grant and use our toolkit to advocate for arts education.