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Family Reading Experience

Setting You Up for Success

All children need to see themselves reflected in the stories they read. Books with accurate and respectful representation of identities play a critical role in raising informed, inclusive children. Books, whether in your home or local library, offer an opportunity to offset societal prejudices, marginalization and historical disenfranchisement through the power of story. You have the power to make that happen, and we have what you need to succeed: inclusive literacy resources, activities to encourage students to read at every step of their childhood, books for eager learners, and tips for families that make teaming up with your community easy.

The Family Reading Experience aims to:

  • Empower PTAs with information on hosting literacy activities that improve book access and book choice and incorporate a lens of diversity and representation
  • Provide families with ready-to-go literacy resources
  • Equip families in-need with books during this school year

Father and Son Reading

Learn how we refreshed the Family Reading Experience to intentionally incorporate the Four 'I's of Transformative Family Engagement in all activities and resources

Children Reading Books

Notes from the Backpack: A PTA Podcast

Notes from the Backpack is a PTA podcast designed for millions of parents and the decisionmakers they influence. Each episode features engaging conversations that offer real-life advice and ideas on how to support children’s learning and development—all in parent-friendly language.

Episodes Focused on Literacy

How many books on your children’s shelves feature Black and Brown characters? We spoke with Newbery Medal award-winning author, Kwame Alexander about the importance of representation in kids’ literature. He shared about his own writing process, how to inspire your kids to write and some of his favorite books.

We talked with Dr. Rebecca Silverman, professor at Stanford University, to learn how we can raise lifelong readers. She offered strategies for fostering a love of reading and guidance on what you should expect from your child at each age.

PTA Leader Resources

The refreshed Family Reading Experience equips PTA leaders and families with resources and tools to increase excitement and support families in their journey to explore new books. Check out the new resources to help your PTA start your journey.

Family Reading Together

Grandparent Reading to Grandchild

Mother and Daughter Reading


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