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The Smart Talk is a free tool that helps caregivers and kids (ages five to 17) have positive, proactive technology conversations and set healthy digital limits together.

If we want our kids to be safe, kind and responsible online, we need to have ongoing conversations with them about: 

  • When and how they use their devices
  • Ways to keep themselves safe
  • How they are representing themselves online

Families using the free The Smart Talk website are guided through topic areas to create a personalized technology agreement that helps keep everyone on track.

Talking about Digital Safety

Topics include:

Wifi Icon Privacy and safety

Wifi Icon Communications

Wifi Icon Media Choices

Wifi Icon Health and wellness

Wifi Icon Keeping our promises

The Smart Talk: What's New!

We redesigned The Smart Talk website:

  • Updated with tailored, age-based content
  • Easier to use with improved functionality (save and return, account log-in, etc.)
  • Now available in English and Spanish

The Smart Talk

The Smart Talk Toolkit

Use the buttons to jump to accompanying resources organized by National PTA to help continue conversations about digital safety, or continue reading to learn more about The Smart Talk below.

How We PTA: See PTAs in Action

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Browse these quotes from PTAs that have implemented this program and find their inspirational full stories on our How We PTA page.


How We PTA

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The Smart Talk

The Smart Talk, developed in partnership with Norton, is a free, fun online tool that helps adults and kids have these important conversations together. The Smart Talk allows kids ages 5-17 to actively participate in setting healthy limits  around device use, digital safety, privacy, communication and media choices. The Smart Talk is set up to provide families with flexibility  – walk through one topic at a time and save your work to have discussions at your own pace. At the end of your family’s conversation, a personalized family technology agreement is created based on individual responses.

Facilitate additional conversations based on The Smart Talk topics using The Smart Talk Toolkit for PTAs and for Families below.

Start Talking Today!

When families talk openly and often about how to protect privacy and safety, set expectations about online behavior, and decide together what content is appropriate to view:

  • Parents and caregivers will be better informed and more comfortable with their kids' digital life.
  • Kids will be better prepared to create a healthy and safe digital life.
  • Families will be on the same page about expectations and be in this together.

For PTAs


Does your PTA want to host an interactive real time Smart Talk conversation, either in-person or virtually? Do you want to give families the options to learn about digital safety self-paced? Do you want to do both? Whatever format you choose, let our Smart Talk program resources help your PTA plan, promote and host an experience that fosters family conversations about digital safety and prepares them to have their own Smart Talk at home. We provide everything you need to launch a successful event - no technical or digital safety expertise required!

For Families


Feeling like your kids know more about technology than you do? Having a hard time keeping up with all your kids are doing online? Want to talk to your kids about their online behavior and don’t know where to start? These are questions that you can talk about with your kid during The Smart Talk.

Join Krista Todd, Chief Marketing Officer, Norton, and her daughter Madeline as they share how to get started with The Smart Talk.

Additional Resources for Families

The following resources will help parents keep their kids safe and open up the lines of communication in your family.

Norton's sponsorship of National PTA demonstrates our commitment to protect and empower children and families around the world to feel safer in their digital lives. Opt-in to Cyber Safety.