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PTA Connected with LifeLock: The Smart Talk

Did you know? More than half of 12 year-olds have smartphones!

Increased connectivity offers many opportunities and advantages, but we know it also creates new challenges such as:

  • How to determine who should “friend” or “follow” your account?
  • When to share photos or videos online?
  • How to respond to negative comments or posts on social media?
  • Whether to use location-based services on apps?
  • How much screen time is appropriate?

When kids start becoming even more tech savvy than the adults in their lives, it can become a daunting task to stay one step ahead of them and ensure that they are staying safe online.

Teenager Using a Smartphone

The Smart TalkDigital Safety Ground Rules

National PTA’s solution to help families with digital safety was born: The Smart Talk.

The Smart Talk walks families through a series of guided questions to establish a digital safety conversation, which then creates a personalized agreement based on your answers. Once your agreement is complete, you can print it off, sign it, and hang it on the fridge so everyone remembers the ground rules.

Host a SmartTalk Conversation Toolkit

Use the resources below to plan and host a SmartTalk Conversation with parents and students at your local school. Additional documents will be added soon!

PTA Connected with Lifelock Grant


The 2018 PTA Connected with LifeLock Grant awarded $1,000 to 25 PTAs across the country to host a SmartTalk Conversation at their school, in celebration of Safer Internet Day during the week of Feb. 5, 2019. View the 2018 LifeLock Grant winners!

It's never too late to have the Smart Talk. Head the Smart Talk website, where you will be prompted to fill out an online contract that you and your children can work on together as a family. 

Smart Talk event programming is a part of the PTA Connected initiative made possible with the support of Presenting and Founding Sponsorship of LifeLock.

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