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Our Commitment to Access & Equity

Technology and learning go hand-in-hand. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to the internet at home, which makes it hard for students to do homework, learn at their own pace, and for families to stay informed and connect with teachers.

As part of the company’s continued efforts to help bridge the digital divide, Access from AT&T provides low-cost internet service with plans up to $30/mo. and speeds up to 100 Mbps1 for qualified households. There is NO annual contract, NO deposit, NO installation fee, NO equipment fee and includes in-home Wi-Fi access and unlimited internet data on select plans2.  

Eligible customers can get free home internet  if they apply their benefit from the new federal Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) to an Access from AT&T plan. The Affordable Connectivity program (ACP) is a federal government program which provides a benefit of up to $30 per month (or up to $75 per month on qualifying Tribal lands).

These efforts are part of AT&T’s 3-year $2 billion commitment to help bridge the digital divide through low-cost broadband offers, participation in the ACP and charitable contributions through the AT&T Connected Learning program.

Legal Disclaimers:
1 Internet speed claims represent maximum network service capabilities and based on wired connection to gateway. Actual customer speeds may vary based on number of factors and are not guaranteed. For more info, go to  
2 12M-100M plans only.


Connecting Families Across the Country to Digital Learning

Also through the Connected Learning program, AT&T is investing in digital inclusion, literacy and learning to help provide today’s learners with opportunities for success – both in and out of the classroom. Resources for families include:

  • The Achievery – Connecting students to the joy of learning with a free educational platform created in collaboration with WarnerMedia. The Achievery offers entertaining and engaging content to help make online learning more effective.
  • AT&T ScreenReady – Providing tips to help families make safe and positive connections on all screens.
  • Digital Literacy Courses – Helping newly connected caregivers build the skills and confidence needed to help children navigate distance learning and participate effectively and safely in today’s digital world.

Summer Learning Toolkit

Summer Learning Listening Sessions are simple-to-plan and easy-to-host events that will help students in your PTA community stay on the right track over the summer. Each Listening Session is designed to be a quick add-on to your regularly-scheduled PTA meeting.

The resources and tools you’ll provide at this event can be a wonderful incentive for non-PTA families to come to a PTA meeting and learn what PTA is all about.

Summer Stride

Step 1: Plan Your Summer Learning Listening Session

Plan Your Summer Learning Listening Session

Connect with school administrators, community members, technology specialists and librarians to discuss the objectives for this event as well as logistics (e.g., location, date, time, promotion). Reach out to community businesses to secure food/prize donations that will incentivize people to attend.

  • Review the various print and online resources to decide which materials you would like to use during your listening session.

    Interactive Resources for Families

    • Readiness Check helps parents see how their child has learned foundational skills needed for success in the next grade. The child answers 3-5 short questions and as part of the results parents get connected to skill-specific videos, activities, and more to support learning at home.
    • Readiness Roadmap your interactive guide to help along the way — from knowing how your child is progressing with grade level skills, to how you can support life skills, to starting the college financing process, and more
    • Summer Stride gives parents tips and resources to support summer learning in fun and meaningful ways in order to set their child up for success in the following grade.  
    • Summer Playbook empowers and equips PTAs and educators to make summers matter in their communities. 
    • Start with a Book: Reading Rockets’ after school and summer reading + learning companion site. 24 themes (dinosaurs, detectives, flight, nature, superheroes, stars and planets …) each with recommended fiction and nonfiction books, hands-on activities, educational apps, kid-friendly websites, and more.
    • Family Toolkit
    • Summer Learning Ideas at Home
    • Science Experiments at Home
    • Space Rangers was created to guide kids in learning about stars and constellations, the solar system, the Moon, Apollo 11, Mars, and space exploration. Great for families and summer programs, Space Rangers includes five days of hands-on activities matched with book recommendations and summer writing ideas. Celebrate curiosity, our space pioneers, and the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon walk all summer long!
    • River Rangers is a toolkit for learning all about water and the rivers and streams in your community. Kids explore 5 big topics: How rivers are formed; river habitats (who lives here?);  people on the river; the water in my cup; and protecting our water through shared books, hands-on activities, writing, educational apps, and local outings.
    • Reading Adventure Packs: Theme-based activity toolkits that pair fiction and nonfiction books. Great for sending home with parents or to use to build out activities for literacy nights at school.
  • Discuss the expected size of your meeting and decide how many copies of the resources to print.
Step 2: Recruit Volunteers

Recruit Volunteers

Recruit your PTA Summer Learning Listening Session Team, making sure to include teachers and librarians. Assign volunteer roles and gather meeting materials. Tip: Consider partnering with a local high school or business to get non-PTA volunteers so your PTA members can participate fully in the event as attendees.

Suggested volunteer roles:

  • Promoters: Have two volunteers get the word out and invite people to your Summer Learning Listening Session
  • Host: Have one volunteer secure food/drinks and prizes for the event
  • Crew: Have two volunteers set up and clean up the meeting
  • Greeter: Have one volunteer greet and thank families as they enter and exit
  • Paparazzi: Have one volunteer take pictures and post to social media (Don’t forget to use #PTAProud)
Step 3: Promote Your Summer Learning Listening Session

Promote Your Summer Learning Listening Session

Use these customizable templates to promote your Summer Learning Listening Session for parents, families and community members.


Formal Invitation Template
Ask a Friend Template
Social Media Posts

  • Facebook (Pair this post with a photo)
    Summertime is all about camping, swimming and hanging out with friends. Let’s keep up the learning, as well. [Insert PTA] is hosting our final PTA meeting of the year, and we will be talking about ways to combat that pesky summer slide so that your kids come back to school ready to pick up exactly where they left off in June. Join us at [Insert Location] at [Insert Time] to get easy (and fun!) ways to keep your kids learning all year long.
  • Instagram (Pair this post with a photo) 
    A mind is a terrible thing to waste. Help your child keep up their math and reading skills throughout the summer months. Join [Insert PTA Name] at [Insert Location] on [Insert Date and Time] to get easy (and fun!) activities to keep your family learning even when school is out.
  • Twitter
    A pinch of prevention… Reading a book for even a few minutes each day can help your child combat the dreaded summer slide. Join [Insert PTA Name] at [Insert Location] on [Insert Date and Time] to learn more. #PTAProud
Be sure to  check out the #SummerLearningWeek Social Media Toolkit to promote summer learning during July 8-14th! 
Step 4: Host Your Summer Learning Listening Session

Host Your Summer Learning Listening Session

Before the meeting:

  • Make a welcome sign (Add “Welcome” in multiple languages on your sign, if applicable)
  • Print all necessary resources and materials from the Summer Stride Toolkit
  • Set up food/drinks and prizes

During the meeting:

  • Welcome families upon arrival, encourage them to sign in and join your PTA
  • Take plenty of pictures to share on social media during and after the event
  • Explain the resources to the families and pass out copies for them to take home
  • Instruct attendees to take the parent survey

After the meeting:

  • Thank families for attending and volunteers for their amazing work
  • Hand out prizes
  • Clean-up
Step 5: Wrap-up


  • Send a follow-up email (or other online communication) recapping the meeting and sharing the links to the resources you shared (or others that you missed!)
  • Celebrate the end of a great school with your school community and National PTA by using #PTAProud on social media

Are you in the Access Network?

Access from AT&T gets eligible families in low income communities connected to affordable internet access at home for as low as $10 per month. Check this list to see if you have coverage in your state.


North Carolina
South Carolina

Don't see your state listed? Visit EveryoneOn for other affordable internet opportunities.

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Interested in Learning How Your PTA Can Help?

More Resources for Families

  • Digital You: created in collaboration with Common Sense Media, this site helps you with privacy, safety and security as you connect online.
  • EveryoneOn: Find low-cost internet and affordable computers in your area.