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PTA Connected: Ready, Tech, Go!

Parenting in the digital age can be challenging, and families are faced with many important decisions surrounding technology use and digital safety. Determining when their children may be ready for a device and establishing healthy digital habits are chief among them. The PTA Connected: Ready, Tech, Go! program, a collaboration between National PTA and AT&T, will help families parents and caregivers navigate these challenges through meaningful peer-to-peer discussions about screen readiness and ways to promote healthy and responsible device use for all members of the family. Through the PTA Connected: Ready, Tech, Go! program, families will:

Ready Tech GO!

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Identify and reflect on various aspects of screen readiness.

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Become familiar with tools and resources to determine screen readiness and discuss digital life.

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Gain new ideas to help create a healthy digital home.

Become Screen Ready with Ready, Tech, Go!

For PTAs


Does your PTA want to host an interactive In-Person PTA Connected: Ready, Tech, Go! program? These program resources can help your PTA plan, promote, and host a successful program experience that helps families in your school community make the best technology readiness decisions for their household– including flyers, volunteer invitations, an event planning checklist, communication templates and much more!


Hosting Resources


Wrap-Up Resources

For Families


Interested in learning more about the tools and resources AT&T offers to help families connect safely and develop healthy digital habits? Please refer to the links and downloadable resources below for more information.

Resources for Families

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AT&T is committed to advancing education, creating opportunities, strengthening communities and improving lives. As part of a companywide $2 billion commitment from 2021 to 2023 to address the digital divide, AT&T launched AT&T Connected Learning to invest in connectivity and technology, digital literacy and education solutions to help today’s learners succeed inside and outside of the classroom. Since 2008, AT&T has committed to programs that help millions of students across all 50 states and around the world, particularly those in underserved communities.



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