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Welcome PTA Leaders!

Support your state PTA and its regions, districts and councils as you promote, train, support and celebrate local family-school partnerships through the National PTA School of Excellence program. 

Key Dates 

  • May 1 - October 15: Program Enrollment (deadline extends from Oct 1)
  • September-November 15: Baseline Survey Administration (deadline extends from Nov 1)
  • November 15: Initial Application Due (deadline extends from Nov 1)
  • Throughout school year: Take Action!
  • March-June: Final Survey Administration
  • June 15: Final Application Due (deadline extends from June 1) - must be submitted online
  • August: School of Excellence and Hearst Award Recipients Announced

2017-2018 Reports 

Comparative Reports 2016-2017 

Past Schools of Excellence

Past Data Reports

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Email or contact Amy Weinberg at (703) 518-1248.