School of Excellence Celebration Kit

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National PTA School of Excellence


As 2019-2021 National PTA Schools of Excellence, you and your Excellence Team deserve recognition!

National PTA will send your PTA a banner, certificate and letter in the mail, at the address provided in the program enrollment application.

As of September 11, all of the celebration kits have been shipped by our vendor. Please let us know if you do not receive your banner by the end of September by emailing

In addition to proudly displaying your School of Excellence banner, we invite you to use the digital celebration kit below for ideas and resources to share your excellence.

Share Your Excellence!

Let the whole community know that your school is a National PTA School of Excellence by announcing the news to students, parents, neighbors, school partners, educational leaders, community leaders and the media. Be sure to invite current and future PTA leaders to make sure that the great work you accomplished continues. Remember to loop National PTA in once your announcements are made! Share your celebration stories and banner pictures with us on Twitter and Facebook by tagging @NationalPTA and using the hashtags #PTAExcellence and #PTAProud so we can celebrate with you!

Celebrate Your Excellence! 

Host a celebration event for the whole school community. Don't forget to share your plans with local/regional/state PTA leadership - they may be available to participate and support your celebration activities.

Plan Your Event

Welcome school staff and administrators, families, community leaders and the media to a special a celebration event. When planning, consider the following:

  • Where? Secure a location in the school that is large enough for hundreds of attendees.
  • When? Select a date and time when you believe the most families and special guests could participate. Look at the school and community calendar. Perhaps the event could be combined with another special event, such as Back to School Night or Homecoming.
  • What? Consider the flow for your event ceremony that is approximately 45-60 minutes in length. Who will speak? What student groups could provide entertainment? How will you make the presentation of the banner and certificate special? Which community partner would be willing to donate refreshments?
Promote Your Event

Research shows people who receive a personal invitation from someone they know and trust are more likely to attend a school event. When possible, send personalized invitations to families, school leaders, and community leaders.

  • Reach out to your territory or state PTA to inform them of your accomplishment and invite them to the event.
  • Use all of your PTA and school communication tools—social media, e-newsletters, phone and text systems, student folders, morning announcements-- to invite your community to the event (ex. Mark Twain Elementary PTA School of Excellence and Phoebe Apperson Hearst invitation).
  • Make sure PTA or PTSA is part of the name of your event. You'd be surprised how many people don't know that the events they attend and the programs they participate in at school are all thanks to the hard work of your PTA/PTSA!
  • Invite local media and local and state representatives to attend and generate visibility for your school and PTA. Use these sample invitations to inspire you:
Host your School of Excellence Celebration

This is a time for everyone to come together and celebrate your amazing accomplishments! Revise the schedule below to best fit your school community.

  • Set-up:
    • Decorate the event area.
    • Prepare a welcome table to greet attendees when they enter the event. 
    • Include a “Support PTA” area where you can provide information about PTA’s activities like School of Excellence and generate membership and/or other support.
  • Celebration Ceremony:
    • Provide welcoming remarks by the school principal or PTA President.
    • Provide remarks by the school district office and/or State PTA representative about the impact of family-school partnerships on student success, school improvements and community as a whole.
    • Host a proclamation presentation by a local or state official.
    • Share student performances.
    • Present your School of Excellence banner and certificate.
    • Provide closing remarks by the school principal or PTA President.
    • Thank the people who made your designation a success: student leaders, PTA volunteers, school personnel, local and district officials, and community partners. Encourage future participation in School of Excellence and PTA membership.
  • Reception:
    • Enjoy refreshments like a School of Excellence cookie or cake. Consider soliciting donated refreshments provided by a community partner.         
    • Take lots of pictures and share them on social media and with National PTA using:
      • #PTAProud
      • #PTAExcellence
      • @National PTA
Continue Achieving Excellence

Following the event, continue to share your excellence and strive to continue your work in building family-school partnerships.

  • Ask your community members to share photos through school social media channels as well as with local media. Use #PTAProud and #PTAExcellence to share photos on social media with National PTA.
  • At every PTA and school event, reinforce the importance of families joining with school staff to support student success and improve the school.
  • Include the National PTA School of Excellence image on your school and PTA communications tools as well as on your email signature line.
  • Consider re-enrolling in the National PTA School of Excellence program at despite your 2-year designation to continue to build on the momentum you’ve gained.
    • Enrollment is open May 1 through October 1 at
    • Encourage other PTAs in your community to join the program and provide support and leadership to build family-school partnerships for ALL students.

Throughout the year, we will highlight National PTA’s School of Excellence recipients in person and through our e-newsletters, blogs, magazine, etc. to share how your school and PTA partnered to engage families. In addition, as leaders in family-school partnerships, your PTA will be provided opportunities from National PTA and our partners. In the fall, we will invite you to renew your National PTA School of Excellence by enrolling again!