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How Can We Contribute to a Healthy Earth?

As part of National PTA’s Healthy Lifestyles initiative, we are committed to helping families and PTAs make a Healthy Earth a top priority. It can be difficult to sort through all of the information about climate change and what each of us can be doing with our families and within our communities to play our part. National PTA has pulled together some resources that you can use with your school community.

What Can Your PTA Do?

  • PTAs are perfectly positioned to help families understand the truth about the climate crisis and to also know what they can do in their daily lives and as part of a broader community to be part of the solution. We encourage you to share these resources via your communication channels with families in your community!
  • Your PTA can also create family engagement opportunities in your community by starting a community compost program or community garden or by educating families and your school administration on how to lessen food waste. 
  • You can be advocates in your communities to make sure environmental considerations are kept front of mind in key decisions within your district such as infrastructure and transportation. In fact, National PTA joined this statement calling for investments in school infrastructure and transportation that advance equity and protect the environment.