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Healthy Habits in the Classroom

As students across the country head back to school, a fun and educational program reinforces the importance of healthy habits at school and home.

Lysol Here for Healthy Schools

Lysol knows students thrive when they are together at school. Established in 2019, the Here for Healthy Schools initiative aims to help curb the spread of illness-causing germs and reduce absenteeism through education, product donations, and strategic partnerships. For more information on the program and resources, visit Lysol.com/HERE.

Lysol Here for Healthy Schools

Healthy Habits Program

The best weapon against germs is knowledge. Recognizing the importance of educating students about health and hygiene both in the classroom and at home, the National Parent Teacher Association (PTA), National Education Association (NEA), and Lysol have partnered together to create the Healthy Habits Program.

The Healthy Habits Program is supported by free healthy habits resources created in collaboration with the CDC Foundation that contain resources for parents and teachers such as activity guides, printables, and lesson plans to engage students on healthy habits in interesting ways.

Healthy Habits Week

Healthy Habits Week is an educational effort that takes place every year during the third week of September to teach children healthy habits. Each year, Lysol partners National PTA to host a week full of healthy habit programming, including resources, tips, and giveaways for PTA members.

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Presenting Little Big Talk

Kids can share ideas, learn from each other, and be their most authentic selves at school. Lysol created the Little Big Talk video series and captured candid conversations from real students who shared who they really are and said what they really think on topics such as celebrating differences, what they miss about school, and more.

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