Model Positive Behaviors

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Modeling healthy behaviors creates a consistent message for students and families throughout the whole school.

What PTAs Can Do

Give your fundraisers and other PTA events a healthy makeover.
  • Use National PTAs Smart Snacks Guide to make sure any PTA fundraisers during the school day meet the updated nutrition standards.
  • Sell fruit, gift wrap or host a car wash.
  • Plan a parent-teacher basketball game.
  • For class "spirit" and other competitions, provide healthy rewards (a smoothie party) or nonfood items (extra recess) instead of candy, doughnuts and pizza parties.
  • Sell bottled water and healthy treats instead of candy and soda at PTA events.

Make the healthy lifestyles message part of everything your PTA does.

  • Consider making Healthy Lifestyles Month an annual PTA event.
  • Make healthy lifestyles a regular feature during your PTA meetings, or devote one entire meeting to exploring what your PTA can do.
  • Offer healthy foods and beverages at all PTA meetings.