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Make Drinking Water More Fun

We all know getting children to drink water can sometimes be a struggle. So, we want to help make drinking water fun and easy for the whole family!

Hydration is important for children’s health and wellness. PTAs can support healthy hydration by providing healthy beverages at school events and by also advocating for healthy hydration practices in school for students and at home for families.

National PTA has teamed up with Nestlé Waters North America and Nestlé® Pure Life® to help make drinking water easier for families.

Kids who drink water are more likely to...

  • Make smart choices
  • Be independent
  • Want healthy foods

Nestle Waters

Healthy Hydration Education and Information

How Your PTA Can Support Healthy Hydration

Healthy Hydration at Meal Times
Schools in the National School Lunch Program must make water available to students during meal times at no cost (Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act). Encourage students to use water fountains or setup a water cooler in the cafeteria.

Healthy Hydration at School Events
Provide water at school events for students and their families. PTAs can offer it at no cost or at a lower cost than other beverages!

Healthy Hydration for Physical Activity
PTAs can work with school administrators to ensure students are hydrated before, during and after physical activity. Encourage teachers to allow students to break for water.

Healthy Hydration Display
Set up a display at PTA Events that shows fun, delicious fruit-infused water recipes. Also show the amount of sugar in sweetened beverages.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Check out this awesome infographic that you can share to promote recycling! It includes:

  • 8 Tips for Students and Schools
  • Busting Myths about Recycling
  • What Can I Recycle?

Celebrate National Recycling Day on November 15, 2021. See how easy it can be in our video:

2020 Healthy Hydration Grant, Sponsored by Nestlé Waters North America

The 2020 Healthy Hydration Grant, sponsored by Nestlé Waters North America, together with its national brand Nestlé® Pure Life®, has awarded 35 local PTAs with $1,000 to host hands-on and engaging Healthy Hydration Programs. In addition, nine local PTAs who participated in the National PTA Healthy Hydration Program in the 2019-2020 school year have been selected to receive a grant of $500 each to advocate for health improvements in their school communities. Check out the 2020 Healthy Hydration Grantees!

Healthy Hydration Advocacy Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to help local PTAs advocate for healthy hydration and other health improvements in their school community. PTAs can use this resource to effect change, educate members of the school community and ensure that healthy food, beverages and snacks are accessible choices for families at home, in schools and in school communities.

Host a Healthy Hydration Program

The Healthy Hydration Program is fun for the whole family and features:

  • Information for parents on how to help ensure their child is staying hydrated
  • A water infusion activity to help make drinking water fun
  • A hands-on lesson about added sugars in beverages
  • Information for families encouraging proper recycling

PTAs can host a successful Healthy Hydration program at home using the following toolkit, which includes helpful how-to documents and sample templates.

Health - Safe Drinking Water

Healthy Hydration Program at Home Toolkit


As part of the PTA Programs at Home initiative, your PTA has the option to determine which model you want to use to best engage your school community: Real-TimeAt Your Own Pace or Tech-Free.

Real-Time Program Model

At Your Own Pace Program Model

Tech-Free Program Model

In-Person Healthy Hydration Toolkit


Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, our Healthy Hydration Toolkit helped PTAs facilitate in-person gatherings. We are preserving this toolkit below, and we hope to resume use of it when the Center for Disease Control advises that conditions are safe for group gatherings to resume.

In-Person Toolkit

At your healthy lifestyles event, be sure to include the healthy hydration stations brought to you by Nestlé Waters North America and Nestlé® Pure Life®. Consider hosting your event during the month of November in celebration of Healthy Lifestyles Month!

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