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Calling for Action on Gun Violence Prevention

It is easy to get discouraged when pervasive challenges, like the one we are facing with community violence and school shootings, have no easy solutions and the options that are possible are rejected by those who have the power to change the safety of our students and communities. 

We are, as civil rights activist Fannie Lou Hamer once said, sick and tired of being sick and tired. But we are not going to go numb. PTA has been the conscience of this country on issues affecting children and youth for over 125 years, and we're never going to stop advocating for every child with one united voice.

Our association has challenged Congress over and over again to address this issue. We urge you to join us in demanding change—and to take care of yourself and your family, too.

Kids Exiting School

2023 Youth Risk Prevention Symposium


As a part of #PTAConLive23, we invite you to learn how to become trauma-informed during our symposium, Youth Risk Prevention: Protecting Our Children from Past & Future Trauma. Panelists include:

  • Anna King, Past National PTA President
  • Dr. Christopher M. Jones, U.S. Public Health Service Director for the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control
  • Dr. Stephanie J. Hull, President and CEO of Girls Inc.
  • Abigail Hurst, Director of Trauma-Informed Programs for Everytown for Gun Safety
  • Dr. Ross Greene, Advisory Council Member for the Attachment and Trauma Network

Past National PTA President Anna King Leads Conversation on Gun Violence Prevention with the CDC and AAP


Past National PTA President Anna King was joined by Dr. Tom Simon, Associate Director for Science, Division of Violence Prevention at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Dr. Lois Lee, Chair of the Council on Injury with the American Academy of Pediatrics, for a conversation on the impact of gun violence on school communities and what parents need to know about adverse childhood experiences (ACEs)

Watch the recording as they discuss preventative actions school and community leaders can take to provide a safe and welcoming school environment for all children.

PTAs Impact on Bipartisan Safety Legislation


Check out special video remarks from United States Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut thanking PTA members for our historic and continuing impact on school safety across the country.

Most recently, National PTA and PTA members from across the country played a critical role in the passage of legislation addressing gun violence and youth mental health, including sending more than 14,000 messages to Congress and meeting with hundreds of lawmakers on Capitol Hill during our 2022 Hill Day Experience.

We are committed to continuing this work to prevent and eliminate gun violence, promote the safety and well-being of all children, and ensure every child has every opportunity to reach their full potential.

NO MORE: Open Letter to the Elected Leaders of the United States Congress to End Gun Violence


We wanted to share with you that National PTA has joined with other advocacy groups on an open letter to Congress demanding meaningful and immediate action to prevent gun violence. This letter will appear in both print and online editions of USA TODAY in June 2022.

We, along with the other groups that signed on, will be amplifying the letter from our social media accounts using the hashtag #EndGunViolence. We encourage you to take action to prevent gun violence and to share this letter on your social media accounts.

National PTA on Social Media:

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Open Letter Published in USA Today

Updates from National PTA



All children should feel safe and welcome at school and in their community. Past National PTA President Anna King has led advocacy efforts in school safety and gun violence prevention. We've pulled some helpful resources below, and you can find more detailed info on what National PTA has been working on related to gun violence prevention by viewing our recent outreach.

Recent National PTA Advocacy and Communication Outreach
2022 Hill Day Experience (June 15th)

On June 15, almost 300 PTA members went to Capitol Hill to meet with federal lawmakers and call for public policies and funding critical to our mission, including urging Congress to work across the aisle on common sense gun legislation. In particular, we fought for legislation that:

  • Invests in evidence-based community violence intervention strategies
  • Requires a waiting period and a comprehensive background check for all individuals prior to purchasing a firearm
  • Funds research on gun violence prevention and encourages reporting on school crime and safety
  • Prevents discrimination and harmful disciplinary practices in schools
  • Encourages gun safety education and the safe storage of firearms

National PTA also sent our 2022 Hill Asks which included violence prevention to over 10,000 congressional staff emails calling their attention to PTA's presence on the Hill and our priorities around these issues.

June Action Alert: Urge Congress to Protect Our Children from Gun Violence

Following the Uvalde school shooting, National PTA promoted a gun violence action alert through Voter Voice that allowed our members to quickly and easily message their members of Congress on gun violence. As of June 15th, 13,408 messages had been sent to Congress through this alert. A total of 4,255 PTA advocates have engaged with the alert so far, including 3,348 new advocates who are interacting with our advocacy system for the first time.

PTA Letters to Congress

On June 2, National PTA sent a letter to Congress on the behalf of National PTA President Anna King urging swift bipartisan action addressing the gun violence epidemic and support for policies that ensure our children are protected from harm. That letter reached about 10,000 congressional staff emails. Building on that momentum, National PTA invited state PTAs to join the letter. In total, 42 state PTAs joined the letter to Congress and it was sent to congressional leaders on June 14.

K-12 Education Groups Statement on Gun Violence

On June 8, National PTA joined 17 organizations representing the full breadth of the national K-12 education community, including school superintendents, administrators, educators, school mental health providers, school staff and parents, on a statement calling on Congress to swiftly pass legislation that will address the senseless epidemic of gun violence in this country.

Partnership Event on the National Mall

President-Elect Yvonne Johnson provided moving remarks at a violence prevention event on June 10th hosted at the National Mall in partnership with Brady: United Against Gun Violence, the American Federation of Teachers, March For Our Lives, and This Is Our Lane. In her remarks, Yvonne called attention to PTA’s mission and asked the audience how every child can they reach their full potential if we cannot even protect them from these senseless acts of violence? The event was live streamed through the Brady: United Against Gun Violence Facebook page.

Press Event and Roundtable Discussion in Houston, Texas

President Anna King participated in a roundtable discussion and press event on school safety and gun violence prevention in Houston, TX on May 27. Additional participants included NEA President Becky Pringle, AFT President Randi Weingarten, March for Our Lives Co-Founder David Hogg, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Teacher Sarah Lerner, Sandy Hook 2nd Grade Teacher Abbey Clements, and other community, education, and civil rights groups as well as parents and educators from the Texas Latino community. The event was streamed live from National PTA, NEA and AFT’s Facebook pages.

Additional Speaking Engagements

Following the school shooting in Uvalde, President Anna King and President-Elect Yvonne Johnson conducted an interview with an NBC affiliate station in Boston and spoke about school safety, gun violence prevention and how parents can talk to their children about such events. President Anna King also participated in Washington Post Live event on May 25 on youth mental health during which school safety and gun violence prevention were also discussed.

National Wear Orange Campaign

National PTA staff members, Federal Legislative Chairs, and Legislation Committee took part in the National Wear Orange Campaign by wearing orange for gun violence prevention and awareness during the first week of June.

May 25, 2022 Livestream
LIVE: National PTA Calls for Action on Gun Violence Prevention

LIVE: National PTA Calls for Action on Gun Violence Prevention

Posted by National Parent Teacher Association on Wednesday, May 25, 2022

June 5, 2023 Testimony

Testimony Given Before the U.S. House of Representatives Gun Violence Prevention Task Force
Past National PTA President Anna King shares her testimony on gun violence as a Mother, Grandmother, Gun Owner, Child Advocate, Proud Oklahoman, and President of National PTA. Read it now.

June 28, 2022 Press Release

National PTA Applauds Bipartisan Safer Communities Act
National PTA President Anna King issued this statement. Read it now.

June 1, 2022 Blog

We know all of you and PTA leaders, members and families across the country share our feelings of sadness, anger, fear and confusion. We remain committed to demanding change and supporting you and PTAs and families nationwide.

Read this piece authored by National PTA President Anna King on the official blog for National PTA leaders, One Voice: We are Well Beyond Enough is Enough.

Dad Hugging Child

One Voice, the Official Blog of National PTA

Ways to Take Action on Gun Violence 

Contact Your Members of Congress


Use our VoterVoice system to send an urgent message to your members of Congress today to insist they work across the aisle to pass sensible gun safety and violence prevention policies that ensure our children are protected from harm. Start now.

You may also:

  1. Find your Congressional Officials (Zip Code Search)
  2. Sign Up for National PTA Takes Action Advocacy Alerts
  3. Register to Vote


PTA Takes Action


Use Our Gun Violence Prevention Policy Brief


Woman Writing Letter

PTA is all about the power of collective action: We can do anything together, because we can be everywhere at once. National PTA members who participated in our Capitol Hill Day 2022 urged Congress to take action this summer: you, too, can use our policy brief on gun safety and violence prevention to demand change in your community.

Resources on Mental Health, Grief and Loss

Checklist to Help Prevent Violence in Schools


Follow these 10 things you can do to prevent violence in your school community.

Talk to Your Children


Talking with Children about Difficult Situations


Children are aware of what is happening in the world around them. When frightening or violent incidents occur, both children and adults may experience a range of emotions including fear, confusion, sadness and anger. Take a look at the following advice to counteract negative emotions and have successful discussions that promote positive actions.


Healthy Minds: Mental Health


PTA believes that mental health should be an everyday priority, but it becomes even more important in crisis. So, we've created tips and resources for families at any stage of the journey, including grief and loss.

Healthy Lifestyles