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From Car Seat to College

Safety Tips for Using Uber with Family

From getting to the airport for family vacations to helping students move around college campuses, many families use ride services like Uber.

Ride services can be convenient tools for busy families, helping them make it through the day and from place to place, but it is important that they are aware of and understand the policies and safety features available in such apps.

National PTA has collaborated with Uber to deliver important safety tips and information to families so that they know how to use the app appropriately and to help them have a safe and reliable experience when using it with loved ones.

Car Seat Safety with Uber

Tips for Putting Family Safety First

Check out this “Car Seat to College” guide for tips on riding with car seats, setting up Family Profiles, navigating Uber’s Safety Center and more.

From Car Seat to College

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Visit Uber's blog for more information about family safety