Injury Prevention and Sports Safety

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Physical Safety Boy

Child safety is the chief concern for parents and a safe environment allows students to flourish and grow, and it is a prerequisite for effective learning.

According to Safe Kids Worldwide, unintentional injury is the leading killer of children between the ages of one and 14. Many injuries and deaths can be prevented by teaching parents and children simple ways to avoid the most common risks at home (fires, burns, scalds and poison) and at play (playground injuries and those related to sports participation, bikes and scooters).

At Home

  • 138 children ages 19 and under died in falls in 2011. 78% of children (108) who died in falls were boys.
  • 325 children ages 19 and under died from fires or burns in 2011. 85% (277 deaths) were in residential home fires. 

At Play

  • In 2012 more than 2.6 million children ages 19 and under were seen in emergency departments for injuries related to sports and recreation. This includes sports, such as football and basketball, as well as activities, such as playing on a playground, scooter riding and trampolining.

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  • Fall Prevention (Safe Kids Worldwide). Tools and additional resources to teach and remind families about preventing falls. Includes link to Fall Prevention Center for Excellence.
  • Sports safety tips (Safe Kids Worldwide). Includes a sports safety checklist, concussion guide and information about preparticipation physical exams, hydration and more.