Digital Safety

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What You Can Do Now

Growing up in the digital age provides unlimited opportunities for students to connect, learn and share information. While this has many benefits, families can feel overwhelmed as they navigate the new challenges associated with raising technologically savvy kids. 

1. Attend a National PTA Digital Parenting Event

National PTA has partnered with several internet and social media providers to host events across the country, creating a safe space for parents to talk about their digital safety concerns and learn from experts in the field about what they can do to support their families in creating safer communities online. You’ll meet fellow parents and discuss common digital parenting questions, and we’ll share tools to support you on your parenting journey. We need your voice and we hope to see you there!

TBA - New Event Dates Coming Soon! 

2. Have an open dialogue with students about making smarter, safer online decisions helps prevent some of the negative consequences that can occur in the cyberspace. 

  • Create an agreement with your family on how to responsibly use your smart phones and devices with the The Smart Talk tool. 
  • Review the 7 Steps to Good Digital Parenting tool by the Family Online Safety Institute to better prepare yourself for the challenges of raising tech savvy children.

What Your PTA Can Do

  • Safer Internet Day is Feb. 6, 2018. Use this guide to plan a digital safety/Smart Talk event at your school.
  • Start a Connecting Families program with your PTA to support an ongoing dialogue in your school community about good digital citizenship.

Learn More

  • ConnectSafely: Parents, teens, educators, and advocates will find tips, safety advice, articles, news, analysis, video and other resources to promote safe, effective use of connected technology.
  • Common Sense Media: Information about ways to support youth as they transform into digital citizens.
  • How to Be a Good Digital Parent:  A program of the Family Online Safety Institute designed to teach parents and other caregivers how to confidently navigate the web with their kids. It consists of a comprehensive toolkit that PTA members can use to host an online safety event at school. Toolkit contains presentation, presenter’s guide, audience handouts and FAQ.
  • Netsmartz (National Center for Missing and Exploited Children): An interactive, educational program that provides age-appropriate resources to help teach children how to be safer on and offline. 
  • Net Cetera (OnGuardOnline.Gov): Parent friendly guides with information from the Federal Trade Commission on how to protect your child from identity theft and phishing scams.