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Say "No" to Alcohol, Drugs and Tobacco

Abusing alcohol, drugs and tobacco at a young age can be harmful to a student’s social, emotional, cognitive and physical development, and it increases the risk of unsafe behaviors, automobile fatalities, and substance abuse later in life.

What You Can Do

Parents are important influences on their children's behavior.

  • Share your values and expectations with your kid. Make a drug- and alcohol-free pact with through high school and college.
  • Set consequences. Do not allow them to think they are "getting away" with behavior that is unacceptable to the family.
  • Keep communication open about alcohol and drug use. If you overreact to bad news associated with drug and alcohol use by teens in your community, you are likely not to get a full story when you bring up the issue the next time.
  • Help your student develop a strong sense of self-esteem, along with the social skills necessary to withstand peer pressure to use alcohol and other drugs.
  • Set a good example with your own habits. Do not use drugs, and be moderate or abstain in your own use of alcohol.

Teach your children the dangers of substance abuse

The Vaping Crisis in Our Youth

There is a disturbingly high increase in the number of teens using e-cigarettes. The market has exploded, promoting appealing flavors and discreet design, but leaving long term and harmful consequences.

Join us as we discuss the data, the effects and what we can do in this October 25, 2018 recorded webinar facilitated by Kelly Langston, Member, National PTA Mission Engagement Committee, and featuring speakers Marcella Bianco, CATCH My Breath Program Manager; Lorrie Odom, MD, Co-Chair, Colorado PTA Health, Wellness and Safety Committee; and Yvonne Johnson, Member, National PTA Resolutions Committee.

Vaping, Youth and Tobacco Resources

Check out the following three infographics courtesy of the American Heart Association that provide an overview on the current e-cigarette and tobacco market facing our children.

America’s Opioid Epidemic - Know the Facts

One of the fastest growing epidemics in the United States today is prescription pain medication misuse, with opioid misuse among youth on the rise at an alarming rate.

The American Medical Association Alliance (AMAA) teamed up with the National PTA to create this 12-minute prerecorded webinar – America’s Opioid Epidemic: Know the Facts – which educates parents on the dangers opioids can pose. In addition to watching the webinar below, check out this slide deck and script and this fact sheet. For more information on combating opioid use, visit American Medical Association Alliance or reach out to AMAA at

Learn More

  • Power of Parents (MADD): An underage drinking prevention program that targets parents of high school students.
  • Smart Moves, Smart Choices (National Association of School Nurses): Helps parents start a conversation with their child about prescription drug abuse and misuse.