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The Internet opens the world up for our kids, and that means they can sometimes experience parts of the world we don’t want them to see. You can proactively set boundaries and expectations for healthy online behavior for your family, but having these conversations is not always easy.

Kids want to be granted the freedom to navigate their online lives independently, and often know more about technology than their parent or caregiver.

When technology is used to create kindness, it can:

  • Make people feel happy, joyful and hopeful
  • Bring people together and build community
  • Inspire others to be kind

Mother and Daughter with Digital Tablet

Empowering Families to Use Technology Safely


Safer Internet Day (Feb. 6, 2024) is an international education and awareness-raising effort, celebrated in over 100 countries. Led by ConnectSafely in the United States, it’s a day to bring communities together to discuss challenges families face navigating the digital world, and empowers them to use technology responsibly, respectfully, critically and creatively.

Smart Digital Parenting: Navigating Screens with Children & Teens

This video presentation "Smart Digital Parenting: Navigating Screens with Children & Teens," was created in partnership with ConnectSafely, featuring expert voices Kerry Gallagher, Education Director at ConnectSafely as well as Mikki Wilson, PTA Connected National Ambassador.

Topics include:
  • Impact of influencers and celebrities
  • Screen time
  • Financial sextortion
  • Gaming
  • Talking to kids and teens about difficult topics
  • Generative AI and what it means for your family
  • Pressure to be perfect
  • Giving a child their first phone

Create Healthy Digital Families

Browse the following resources to help you foster discussion and create healthy digital families.

National PTA Resources 
  • The Smart Talk – Using a series of guided questions, this online tool allows kids ages 5-18 to actively participate in setting limits around device use, digital safety, privacy, communication, health and wellness, and media choices. The end result is a personalized family technology agreement that is created based on individual responses.
  • Be Internet Awesome Family Guide – Organizes digital citizenship into five areas to make it an easy family conversation.
    • Be Internet Smart = share with care.
    • Be Internet Alert = don’t fall for a fake.
    • Be Internet Strong = protect your secrets.
    • Be Internet Kind = it’s cool to be kind.
    • Be Internet Brave = when in doubt, talk it out.

  • Five Tips to Help Your Teen Navigate Their Online Experiences – Explains what support teens really value from trusted adults as they navigate their online experience.
  • Healthy Minds Tips for Helping Kids Cope – Includes strategies to help kids identify their feelings, prepare for life’s challenges, build resiliency, process strong emotions, feel supported, and meaningfully engage with the world around them. 
ConnectSafely Resources 
  • Quick-Guides – Get quick tips about Instagram, Roblox, Snapchat, Cyberbullying, Hate Speech, Teen Sexting, Misinformation and Media Literacy, Ransomware, Passwords, Cybersecurity, Creativity & Copyright, Safe Online Shopping, Online Seniors and more.
  • Parents Guides – Learn more about popular services your kids use, including Instagram, Roblox, Discord & more as well as important issues like cyberbullying, teen sexting, hate speech, LBGTQ cyberbullying, tech for tots, cybersecurity, and educational technology.
  • Videos – Browse a YouTube playlist of videos about Snapchat, Amazon Kids, Roblox, Instagram and more.

Other Resources 
  • Digital Connections Videos – Teaches students essential digital citizenship skills through an interactive video series, designed for grades 6–8.

Navigating the Digital Landscape Together

At the heart of empowering families in the digital age is the collaborative effort between parents and children. Engaging in open and honest conversations about online experiences can create a foundation of trust. Consider establishing regular family meetings dedicated to discussing the digital landscape, where everyone can share their thoughts and concerns. This not only fosters communication but also allows parents to better understand the challenges their children may face online.

Setting Clear Boundaries

Setting boundaries is crucial in ensuring a positive online experience. Work together with your children to establish guidelines for screen time, appropriate content, and online interactions. By involving them in the decision-making process, you not only promote a sense of responsibility but also encourage them to think critically about their online choices. This collaborative approach helps create a shared understanding of what is acceptable in the digital realm, making it easier for your family to thrive in the vast world of the internet.

Host a Safer Internet Day Event

Want to host your own Safer Internet Day event? PTA Connected provides turn-key education and programming for PTA leaders to use locally to address digital safety, citizenship, wellbeing, readiness and access within school communities, homes and families.

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National PTA is proud to partner with Connect Safely and our PTA Connected Sponsors to help make Safer Internet Day a success.






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