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Mental Health Webinar Series

Take Action to Improve Mental Health Support

Experts agree that having robust mental health supports in place for students this school year is going to be imperative to their success, especially in light of COVID-19. As a PTA leader, it is important to know what your options are for improving your school community’s mental health. This two-part webinar series was designed to equip PTA leaders with a better understanding of what effective school-based mental health services look like and how PTAs can take action to improve mental health supports. 

Webinar 1: What it Means to Fully Support Mental Health in Schools

Sept. 23 from 6-6:45 PM ET

Now more than ever, it’s important to understand how mental health systems serving children and youth should work, what services are available, and what approaches to mental health are most effective for your school community. This webinar, hosted by National PTA and sponsored by GoGuardian, covered the core components of mental health, how mental health intersects with learning, the vital role schools and PTAs play, and why it matters. Learn the importance of taking a multi-tiered systems approach, who the key resources are in your building to support your efforts, and why PTA leaders need to be prepared to educate and collaborate with school officials to improve their school’s mental health supports. Expert Voice: Benjamin S. Fernandez, MS. Ed; National Association of School Psychologists. Watch the recording here.

Webinar 2: Taking Action to Improve Mental Health

Sept. 30 from 6-6:45 PM ET

You may realize that your school, district and/or state’s existing mental health policies don’t go far enough to address the current mental health challenges students are facing. This webinar, hosted by National PTA and sponsored by GoGuardian, addressed how PTA leaders can effectively advocate for both the mental health needs that exist now and those that will arise throughout this school year. It covered methods of advocacy and ways to get support for recommended policies, as well as specific policies schools benefit from having and the need to be inclusive of all students in the policies that are created. Expert Voice: Sam Brinton, Vice President of Advocacy and Government Affairs, and Keygan Miller, Advocacy Associate; The Trevor Project. Watch the recording here.

September 23 to 30, 2020