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The PTA Day of Service is an opportunity for your PTA to continue making every child's potential a reality and give back to their community and increase awareness of the work PTAs do every day. 

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PTAs will activate Earth Day activities on Saturday, April 22, 2023, and build a better environment in their local community and have fun! Your PTA Day of Service project can be an Earth Day event already being planned or something new. What’s most important is that the event is meaningful to your PTA community.

Your service project should focus on the theme: A Better Environment

Getting Started

A few examples of what PTAs can do:

  • recycling project
  • beautification project on the school grounds such as a tree planting or community garden
  • community clean-up project
  • conservation project (green schools, clean water, clean air, clean energy, climate change, sustainability, animal conservation)
  • art education project

PTAs are encouraged to partner and collaborate with eco-conscious and friendly businesses, local organizations, and nonprofits focused on improving the environment such as nature centers, state and local parks, and 4-H clubs, etc.



Membership Growth

Participate to ...

  • Show your community who you are and what you do!
  • Connect your work to the PTA network!
  • Elevate the PTA mission by showing our collective impact.

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