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Grow Our Mission for the Future

Over 100 PTAs across the country hosted an event in their communities April 22 as part of National PTA’s Day of Service. In conjunction with Earth Day, the Day of Service centered around the theme, “A Better Environment.” PTAs made meaningful contributions to their communities by carrying out Earth Day activities such as ...

  • Beautification Projects
  • Family Nature Projects
  • Mindfulness Activities
  • Recycling

PTAs are perfectly positioned to help families understand the importance of environmental responsibility, and what they can do in their daily lives and as part of a broader community to be part of the solution.

Celebrate Earth Day

Getting Started

A few examples of what PTAs can do:

  • recycling project
  • beautification project on the school grounds such as a tree planting or community garden
  • community clean-up project
  • conservation project (green schools, clean water, clean air, clean energy, climate change, sustainability, animal conservation)
  • art education project

PTAs are encouraged to partner and collaborate with eco-conscious and friendly businesses, local organizations, and nonprofits focused on improving the environment such as nature centers, state and local parks, and 4-H clubs, etc.


Participate in the PTA Day of Service



Plan and host a Day of Service event on Saturday, April 22, 2023 in celebration of Earth Day!

Go Solo or Partner Up

Local, district, council, region and state PTAs can host a Day of Service event on their own or partner up. For example:

  • Feeder schools/PTAs
  • Two or more local PTAs can partner together
  • District, council and region PTAs can partner together
  • A state PTA can partner with local PTAs in the area


By participating in the PTA Day of Service you will:


Day of Service Registration Form

  • 1 PTA Unit Info
  • 2 PTA Leader Info
  • 3 Event Info

PTA Unit Information

Please provide your PTA’s full name without using abbreviations or acronyms.

PTA Unit Level

PTA Leader Contact Information

Hear from us

Event Information

On Submit: Please wait; you will be notified upon a successful submission.


When is the PTA Day of Service?

We're asking for PTAs to host service projects on Earth Day, Saturday, April 22, 2023 as a(n):

  • Advocate for every child’s education and well-being
  • Leader in family, school and community partnerships
  • Champion for a more equitable future for all children

We will recognize PTAs for their PTA Day of Service event! PTAs will earn a badge when you register to share on your website and social media channels.


How to Plan for Your PTA Day of Service

The PTA Day of Service is an opportunity for your PTA to give back to your community and increase awareness of the work your PTA does every day. Plan to host your service project on Saturday, April 22, 2023, at a time that is optimal for a meaningful event in your PTA community. You can:

  • Host an activity inside or outside
  • Use a service project you’ve already planned as your PTA Day of Service event


Display Your Day of Service Badge

Drum up interest in your event with this National PTA Day of Service Badge.

National PTA Day of Service Participant

National PTA Day of Service Badge

Social Media
We encourage you to right-click and save the Badge image to share on your social media platforms.

Paste the following HTML code snippet on your PTA website to display the National PTA Day of Service Participant badge:

<a href="" title="National PTA Day of Service" target="_blank"><img style="padding:10px;" src="" alt="National PTA Day of Service Participant" title="National PTA Day of Service Participant" /></a>

Day of Service Toolkit


Ue the toolkit to help and support you while you host and highlight the work you do every day in your school community.

STEP 1: Plan Your Event 

Determine what Earth Day service project is most needed in your community. Remember, do what will be beneficial in YOUR community. As a PTA leader, you know what is most meaningful to the students and families. If you are unsure, here are some suggestions.

  • Look at your PTA calendar. Are there Earth Day activities already planned that can be registered as a PTA Day of Service project?
  • Conduct a mini needs assessment to determine what is most needed now by using survey data, hosting listening sessions or simply asking school leaders and leaders in the community.
  • Partner with organizations that already have something planned.
  • Consider the best time and location to host your project to reach as many families in your community as possible.

Form a planning committee by inviting parents, students (if age appropriate), staff and community members to join. Create an action plan and organize your tasks, create a budget, and schedule deadlines. Reach out to local partners to gain support, donations, and community volunteers. Use this toolkit to help you!

Decide whether your PTA Day of Service project will be In-Person or At Home (virtual). Use current health data to determine what is best at the time of your project. Follow CDC guidelines and those outlined by your school leadership.  

If you are able to host in-person events, consider:

  • Holding your program outside
  • Holding your program in a large open space, allowing proper spacing between families
  • Cleaning surfaces before and after program
  • Offering masks and wipes/hand sanitizer at the door/welcome table

Here are a few examples of service projects that PTAs have done before. Be creative and host a service project that will make a difference to your community.

A Better Environment
  • Gun safety awareness, recycling project, beautification project on the school grounds, yard cleanups for the elderly, community garden projects

Be sure to create a landing page on your PTA’s website or the school’s website where those interested in supporting a PTA can be sent, allowing people to support YOUR PTA.

People will be encouraged to support a PTA in these ways:

  • To volunteer for a PTA Day of Service project nearby
  • To donate to a PTA
  • To join a PTA in which they are not currently a member

Therefore, make sure your landing page includes:

  • A way for people to volunteer for your PTA Day of Service project with project details and an online volunteer sign-up if open to volunteers outside of your membership
  • A way for people to donate to your PTA
  • A way for people to join your PTA

Don’t have a PTA website, no problem. Ask your school if you may use the school website.

STEP 2: Promote Your Event

Your goal is to get as many people as possible to participate in your PTA Day of Service project. Engage the entire community! Use these customizable flyers and templates to promote your PTA Day of Service.

STEP 3: Host Your Event

Make your PTA Day of Service project highly impactful by preparing materials and/or information ahead of time, ensuring a welcoming environment and sharing your successes!  

Take pictures and have your participants complete a photo release form so your PTA and National PTA can share your successes.

Encourage engagement from the entire community! At the end, thank volunteers and community members for their service.

STEP 4: Wrap Up

Congratulations! You successfully hosted your PTA Day of Service project.

Use this sample template to thank your amazing volunteers and project attendees. Don’t forget to share your success with your community, district/council school and PTA leadership, elected officials and National PTA. Share with National PTA on social media using the hashtags #PTAProud and #HowWePTA. Also, complete the Service Project Feedback form, letting us know all about the difference you are making!