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Back to School, Back to PTA

Back-to-School for Students

This Back-to-School season, PTA is committed to supporting your success in and outside of school. Get helpful education, life skills and family fun tips to help guide you to the best year ever! And share them with your parents and friends!

Use #PTABacktoSchool to follow and share the amazing Back-to-School festivities happening at PTAs across country.

Back to School for Students

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Put a Stop to Bullying

Bullying can be anything from spreading rumors, to posting inappropriate photos, to threatening someone. If you’re being bullied, have a friend who's being bullied or have been accused of bullying someone, we can help. Learn More.

How to Prevent Sports Injuries

How to Prevent Sports Injuries

According to the CDC, more than half of all youth sports injuries are preventable. We spoke to a Sports Medicine Expert and Orthopedic Surgeon for his prescription on how to not get injured on the field.


Are you Reading this on Your Smartphone?

You spend a lot of your time online doing your homework, playing games, watching movies and connecting with friends. Know when you’ve hit the screen time danger zone.

Bookmark these tools and resources to help you stay ahead throughout the school year.

Questions & Answers

Students Asking Questions

How can I get my school more involved in the arts?

A masterpiece of a question! Talk to your school about participating in the National PTA Reflections Arts Program.

What can I do about the food that is served in our school cafeteria?

We're glad you're hungry for answers! How healthy are your school's meals? Share this information about healthy school meals with your school's PTA to let them know that healthy food is a priority for you!

How can I help to reduce bullying at school?

Your initiative deserves applause! Make sure your school is aware of the National PTA Connect for Respect program.

Get Connected

Read these articles to help you throughout the school year.

  • Listen to Your Mom, Wash Your Hands

    Our Children Magazine, January 22, 2018
    Do you know that you’re more vulnerable to the flu than most people? With germs everywhere you go, find out how you can stay as healthy as possible—and not get sick!
  • Fruitful DNA: The Roadmap to Human and Food

    Our Children Magazine, May 31, 2019
    Calling all kitchen-table scientists! Did you know you can extract DNA from strawberries using common household items?
  • Understanding What Transgender Means

    Our Children Magazine, November 14, 2016
    There’s a lot of talk on the news and in social conversations about transgender people and identities. Help your teachers, school administrators and your family know how to affirm and respect self-identity.

When Parents Just Don’t Understand, Tell Them to Read This

Teens sometimes get a bad rap from adults for the decisions they make during adolescence, but they’re just a product of your brain being molded, shaped and refined. Read how your brain is developing dramatically right now.

Understanding Teenagers

Explore the World and be a Scientist

Use these websites, video interviews and TED Talks to learn about the different kind of scientists—marine biologist, nature conservationist, brain doctor and more. Dream big now! 

Give Your Parents a Break: Have a Make Your Own Pizza Night!

When it comes to simple, healthy meals, homemade pizzas are always a winner. Not only will your family love this dish, everyone can enjoy some quality time together. Get the recipe.


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