Back to School for PTA Leaders

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Back to School 2019

Back-to-School for PTA Leaders

It’s Back-to-School season and PTA is committed to making the 2018-2019 school year a huge success for our leaders, from our local units to state level. You are the hardest working, most passionate and faithful volunteers and we want to support you every step of the way.

Get all the templates, tips and tools you need to make this a winning school year below and at! Our programs bring families, schools and communities together to build genuine relationships and support student success and their overall well-being.

PTA Leaders

Get Our School Calendar

Stay on track this school year with our printable calendar!


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Hone Your PTA Pitch with these Recruitment Flyers

It’s One PTA! Share our 10 Reasons to Belong to PTA with these customizable flyers created for policymakers, potential partners, advocates, school leaders, families and educators. And you can print them in English and Spanish!

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PTA 101: Free Online Courses to Help You Lead

Take our free online courses to gain skills and confidence to lead your PTA. Learn anywhere, anytime from your phone, tablet or computer. Sign up now.

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Host a Decisionmaker

Use your voice and invite local and/or state decision maker to your school to discuss a policy your PTA would like changed, or just to show off your recent accomplishments. Start planning today.

Bookmark these tools and resources to help you stay ahead throughout the school year.

Social Media Toolkits

Spread the word about National PTA's Back-to-School Week! Inside each toolkit you'll find everything you need to get into the action on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

Learn how to customize your Facebook Profile Photo with a Back-to-School frame, share images each day of the week and use our messaging, or create your own.

Questions & Answers


How can I raise money for my PTA?

A popular question! Apply today for active Grant & Award Opportunities! Also don't miss our fundraising sponsors in the PTA Marketplace. View the Fundraising Guide at for more.

How should I talk to parents about unaffiliated groups like PTO?

Have we got an answer for you! Learn what makes the "PTA Difference" so much better for schools and share the brochure (en español).

How can my PTA be more welcoming and inclusive of all families?

Glad you asked! Take a look at our Diversity & Inclusion Toolkit!

Education News

Stay up-to-date on the issues that affect today’s children and topics to enhance your leadership skills and stay mission-focused.

  • Schools of Excellence: Creating Strong Bond with Families

    OneVoice, July 25, 2018
    Strong family-school-community partnerships produce higher teacher morale, more parent involvement, and greater student success. Here’s how a few National PTA Schools of Excellence work together to make a positive impact in their community.
  • Ask a PTA Leader: Frances Frost

    Our Children Magazine, July 24, 2017
    Frances Frost has served at nearly every PTA level while raising her four children. Recently, she’s worked closely with the U.S. Department of Education as their first Family Ambassador. Read her advice on volunteer leadership.
  • Why I Volunteer: One Leaders’ PTA Story

    OneVoice, November 23, 2016
    A local PTA leader shares the ups and downs of volunteering, but remains committed to helping all children get the education they deserve.

Principals and Parents Working Together

Want to strengthen your family-school relationships? Here are 10 partnering tips for a strong school community that will enrich the learning experiences for all students.

Partnerships for a Strong School Community

DIY Kit for Membership Growth

Everyone is talking about increasing membership, especially at the start of a new school year. Use this guide to develop a tailored plan to recruit and retain members. Get this guide free when you login to the Local Leader Kit. Sign-up now.


Training Videos

Check out these short and fun Leadership Development Video Series, Leadership Learning Moment, from Florida PTA.

Inclusive Membership Recruitment

How to be Welcoming and Inclusive at Meetings and Events

How to Lead an Effective Meeting

Giving a Treasurer’s Report in a Meeting

How to Talk to Families About ESSA

Parents haven't always been included at the decision-making table when it comes to their kid’s education. Here are six ways you should be engaging families as part of ESSA or any new education initiative.

Break Through Language Barriers

While language can be a barrier when trying to be inclusive, it can be easily addressed with the help of a translator. Follow our three steps to an effective translator.

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Get all the templates and tools you need to make this a winning school year.

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