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Back to School, Back to PTA

Back-to-School for Parents

It's Back-to-School season and PTA is committed to supporting your child’s success in and outside of school. We know your weekly agenda is complex, with work, managing a household, after school activities and keeping up with homework.

We have everything you need to make this the best year ever! Get helpful parenting, education and family fun tips that will help you guide your child’s learning and development—and build genuine relationships with teachers and administrators throughout the school year.

Back to School for Parents

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Your Guide for Using Uber with Family

Ride services are convenient tools for busy families. Check out Uber’s Car Seat to College Guide for safety tips when using the app with loved ones.

How to Prevent Sports Injuries

Parents: The Most Valuable Player in Youth Sports is You

Want your child to have a winning youth sports experience? Check your behavior on the sidelines.

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Stop the Spread of Influenza

Being back in school means it’s also cold and flu season. Help your family say no to germs and viruses with these simple Healthy Habits at home and school.

Bookmark these tools and resources to help you stay ahead throughout the school year.

Reading is Fundamental

Check out Reading is Fundamental’s reading resources for fun ideas on ways to make reading exciting. The Reading Log App, Tips for Choosing Books, and Tips for Encouraging Readers are especially helpful!

Reading is Fundamental

Gender Spectrum Resources for Parents and Caregivers

Gender Spectrum has some helpful resources on ways to approach conversations about gender with your kids.

Gender Spectrum


Hey PTA Parents—Share your 2020 #PTABackToSchool experiences with us! Let us know how you prep for a new school year, how your kids’ first day of school went, or how you feel about #PTABackToSchool.

Your story may be selected to be shared on our Facebook page on Tuesday, Sep. 15 for PTA Parent Day during our nationwide #PTABackToSchool campaign.

We can't wait to hear from you!

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Questions & Answers

Parent Asking a Question

How can I get my kids into the Back-to-School groove?

The school year is in full gear and after the summer months of lax bedtimes and fun in the sun, it can be tough to get your kids back into a routine. Learn stress-free ways to help with the transition.

How can I develop my child's reading skills?

Fostering a love and aptitude for reading is critical to your child’s success, from the moment they start school all the way up to their high school graduation. Get tips for every age.

How can I work together with my child's principal?

Want to strengthen your family-school relationships? Here are 10 partnering tips to build a strong school community that will enrich the learning experiences for all students.

Get Connected

Stay up-to-date on great teachable moments and ideas to create a community that supports your child’s success from Our Children Magazine: National PTA's Unique Voice for Parents. Check out the three articles below.

Our Children Magazine

Time ManagementManaging School and Family Calendars

Our Children Magazine
August 31, 2017 | By Stephanie Smith, PsyD

Master the stress of balancing work, school and after-school activities—not to mention unexpected events and making time for family fun. There’s help for you.

Parent Teacher ConferenceGet More Out of Your Parent-Teacher Conference

Our Children Magazine
September 27, 2017 | By Dr. Beth Tarasawa, Dr. Amelia Gotwals, and Dr. Cara Jackson

It’s key to build a partnership with your child’s teacher and work with your child throughout the year to harness their strengths and address their challenges. Find out how.

Study Habits10 Study Habits Your Child Needs to Succeed

Our Children Magazine
September 12, 2017 | By Sylvan Learning

It’s simple logic: Good study skills = Good grades. Use these tips to start a habit of academic excellence set them up for a productive school year.

  • You are the Key to Your Child’s Success

    Our Children Magazine, February 9, 2017
    Did you know families are the essential ingredient to helping students make educational and career decisions? And when you are active in your child’s learning, you influence their perceptions of what’s possible for their futures.
  • Learning the Power of Education Data

    Our Children Magazine, June 3, 2019
    Would you give your school’s communication an A+? Learn how to interpret the information on your school’s report card, and how you can use that information to advocate for your child.
  • 6 Ways to be Engaged in Your Child’s Education

    Our Children Magazine, February 29, 2016
    It’s more important than ever to be actively engaged in your child’s education. The investment of time you spend this school year to support your child’s education and needs, will make a positive impact on their growth.

Help Your Child with Today’s Math

The idea behind today’s math is not just to do it, but also to understand how and why we do it. Students do not just learn numbers, equations, angles and theorems, but also put in context why these concepts matter in life. View the Guide.

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Get all the templates and tools you need to make this a winning school year.

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Help your kids—and the whole family—get back in the school groove.

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Use these resources to guide you to your best school year ever!

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Try these ideas and tools to build genuine relationships with your families.

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