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Back to School 2019

Go Back-to-School with PTA!

It’s the most wonderful time of year for PTA! The beginning of the school year is an unofficial holiday season and teachers, parents and students are filled with anticipation and excitement for the school year ahead.

Sept. 14-18 is National PTA Back-to-School Week, sponsored by Office Depot OfficeMax—to make sure you get a great start. Find the supplies on your school list with the dropdown menu below!

Get Your School Supplies List

Each day of the week we will share essential tips and resources—with exciting announcements and classroom surprises!

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PTA Leaders

AwardMake Your PTA Dreams Come True

Are your goals bigger than your budget? There’s a grant for that! We have grants and awards to support and celebrate your programs, initiative and new ideas. Check them out!

LeaderIt’s the Community You Choose

Start off on the right foot by working collaboratively with families and school staff to create a vibrant team focused on every child’s success and well-being. We’ll show you how.

StudyIncrease Your Membership with these 101 Ideas

Find 101 ways to increase your PTA membership this school year through diverse programs, contests and events. We include how you can pitch teachers, students and community leaders! Get them in English and Spanish.

Get all the templates and tools you need to make this a winning school year!



Life360Discover the Modern Parenting Mindset

See how parents across the nation are handling parenting challenges in the digital age. Read it now.

PencilWhat Your Child Should Learn This Year

Get the ultimate guide—by grade—on what your child will learn in English, literacy and math. It will help you use everyday activities as teachable moments to reinforce what your child learns in school. Check them out.

Everytown for Gun SafetyBe SMART with Gun Safety

Equip yourself with the tools necessary to keep your kids safe. Check out Everytown for Gun Safety's Be SMART model (en español).

Help your kids—and the whole family—a get back in the school groove!



NestleGet Excited About Drinking Water

We all could use more water in our diet—but it can be hard to make the healthy choice with so many soda and juice options. Use these tips to help meet your daily water intake goals.

STEM Careers IconSTEM Careers That Don’t Require 4-year Degrees

There’s a lot of pressure to choose the right career and with the emphasis on STEM, you may think you have to go to school for 4 to 8 years. Not so! Find out about career and technical education.

Student Data Privacy IconStudent Data Privacy: What You Need to Know

With class assignments and report cards online, schools are collecting more data on you electronically. Know your rights and find out how to keep your information safe.

Use these resources to guide you to your best school year ever!



Office DepotA+ Strategies for Involving Parents in the Classroom

Parent involvement in the classroom is a win-win-win. Here are four strategies you can use to help spur parental involvement in the classroom from the first day.

Volunteers IconVolunteers Can Help You Reach Your Goals

There’s power in numbers—especially when it comes to parents with a shared goal for their child’s growth and success. Here’s how to tap into their strengths throughout the year. Discover the PTA Advantage.

WalgreensFree Program for Teachers from Walgreens

Teachers are the unsung heroes of our communities. That’s why Walgreens—in partnership with the ME to WE Foundation and Mental Health America—created a program to give teachers tools to address critical social issues in their classrooms. Learn more.

Try these ideas and tools to build genuine relationships with your families.



Back to School Proud with Office Depot

Last year, Office Depot—sponsor of National PTA Back-to-School Week—made a substantial difference in the lives of families and educators across the country, by ensuring everyone got the supplies they need to succeed.

Through their Start Proud!™ program, Office Depot associates filled 20,000 backpacks with essentials like notebooks, folders, pencils, and glue and gifted them to students at Title 1 schools during 10 celebratory assemblies. Teachers weren’t left out; they received MONSTER palettes of supplies for their classrooms.

Office Depot also recognized one very special teacher at each Start Proud! assembly with $1,000 worth of premium supplies to celebrate their extraordinary efforts in the classroom.

Check out these must-see moments in San Francisco and Austin.


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National PTA Back-to-School Week 

National PTA has designated Sept. 14-18 National PTA Back-to-School Week.

Back-to-School Week features this comprehensive webpage ( for a wide variety of fresh ideas, tools and grant opportunities to make this a winning school year for PTA Leaders, Parents, Students and Teachers.

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Shop PTA!

Local units can order Back-to-School signs and promotional materials for their school.

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Get all the templates and tools you need to make this a winning school year.

Find Great Ideas Arrow: Read More 



Help your kids—and the whole family—get back in the school groove.

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Use these resources to guide you to your best school year ever!

Get Great Tips Arrow: Read More 



Try these ideas and tools to build genuine relationships with your families.

Helpful Resources Arrow: Read More 

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