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Take Your Family to School Week

Celebrating Family Engagement

For over 125 years, National PTA has been encouraging families to get more involved in their child’s education. National PTA’s Take Your Family to School Week is designed to provide families with an opportunity to get more involved in their child’s education and strengthen their partnerships with teachers and administrators. The timing of the week honors the day PTA was founded, Feb. 17, 1897.

Research shows that family engagement supports student success. Students with involved parents are more likely to earn higher grades and pass their classes, attend school regularly, have better social skills and go on to post secondary education.

Help us celebrate PTA’s long legacy of family engagement during National PTA's Take Your Family to School Week—Feb. 13-17, 2023 by hosting a PTA program at your school.

How PTA leaders describe our programs...

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Take Your Family to School Week Toolkit

Thanks for helping us celebrate Take Your Family to School Week! Choose one of the National PTA Programs to share with your school community.

National PTA Programs provide access to engaging, educational and fun opportunities that inspire, recognize and impact all students and their families.

In response to our changing world, PTA Programs are now accessible In-Person and At-Home, through a variety of delivery methods: Real-Time, Self-Paced and Tech-Free. These programs offer engaging, educational and fun activities for all students and their families—with or without access to technology or grant funding.

You have the freedom to design whatever type of program works for you and your school community- whether at school, at home or online. Check out the resources below to better plan and promote your program.

Arts, Reading, Science, Health

Step 1: Choose Your Program

Choose from one of the following programs. 

  • Health & Safety: It’s simple—healthy kids just learn better. Families play a key role in their child’s education and health priorities. Host family engagement programs around health & safety topics that are relevant and speak to the needs of your specific school community. Topics could include: COVID-relief, nutrition/healthy eating, emotional/mental health, bullying prevention, and more! Consider hosting our Healthy Hydration Program, which has materials for your PTA to host programming for families from home! Learn more at PTA.org/CelebrateHealthyLifestyles.
  • Digital Citizenship: Invite families to learn about the safest ways to use technology together. Digital citizenship activities provide opportunities for learning anytime and anywhere. Host an in-person or virtual program on topics like digital safety, cyberbullying and technology use. Our PTA Connected Smart Talk Conversation program offers materials for programming at home. Learn more at PTA.org/Connected.

  • STEM: Encourage families to see the value – and excitement – in the STEM fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. As these fields continue to rapidly become a leading part of our global workforce, it is important to get kids from all backgrounds engaged in these topics at an early age–and it can be fun! Check out the STEM + Families Science Festival and STEM + Families Propelling Our World program materials to host programming at home.
  • Arts: Many PTAs host Reflections as part of their arts programming each year, but did you know that National PTA provides additional tools to help arts advocates engage families and community members in the arts? Check out our Arts Ed Resources for the new & improved ArtsEd Leader's Guide to help your PTA implement policies, practices and programs!

Step 2: Promote Your Program

Your goal is to get as many families to participate in your program as possible by removing any barriers to participation (e.g. transportation, translation or interpretation). Use these customizable flyers and templates to promote your program for students, families and community members.

Step 3: Host Your Program

Make your program the best ever by preparing materials and/or information ahead of time, ensuring a welcoming environment and sharing your successes! Take pictures and have your participants complete a photo release form (en español) so your PTA and National PTA can share your program successes.

Consider having a kick-off by the PTA President (or someone else) that gives an overview of the program objectives and sets the framework of Take Your Family to School Week (in a fun way!) Encourage engagement from all participants - adults too! At the end, thank volunteers and community members for their help.

Step 4: Wrap Up

Congratulations! Take Your Family to School Week is over. Now is the time to celebrate your success! Use this sample template (en español) to thank your amazing volunteers and program supporters. Don’t forget to also share your program success with your school community and National PTA. Email pictures of families engaged in activities to Programs@PTA.org. Share with National PTA on social media using the hashtags #PTAProud and #HowWePTA.


Email Programs@PTA.org.