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Celebrating Family Engagement

For over 120 years, National PTA has been encouraging families to get more involved in their child’s education. Help us celebrate PTA’s long legacy of family engagement during National PTA's Take Your Family to School Week—Feb. 10-17, 2019 by hosting an event at your school.

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Take Your Family to School Week 2019
Sponsored by Office Depot OfficeMax

Take Your Family to School Week Grant Opportunity

In celebration of National PTA’s Founder’s Day, National PTA and Office Depot OfficeMax are excited to support local PTAs in hosting a National PTA program during Take Your Family to School Week by offering $1000 grants to 15 local PTAs! 

Grant Submission Requirements

To be awarded a Take Your Family to School Week grant, sponsored by Office Depot OfficeMax, PTA applicants must:

  • Be a PTA in good standing, as determined by your State PTA
  • Hold a Take Your Family to School event during the week of February 10-17, 2019 in one of the following areas:
  • Commit to engaging the entire school community in the event
  • Welcome National PTA and/or Office Depot OfficeMax representatives to attend the event
  • Submit evaluation results to National PTA after the event by deadline

Completed applications must be submitted online by October 21, 2018 at 8:00pm EST/5:00pm PST for consideration. Awardees and applicants will be notified November 15, 2018.

Submit Application

Enviar Entrada (en español)

National PTA is committed to promoting and encouraging many types of diversity and inclusion as part of our commitment to every child. In addition to evaluating the merits of each application, we may also consider geography, need, and other criteria to ensure a robust and diverse pool of grantees.

See archived materials from 2018 below. Our 2019 toolkit is coming soon!

Congratulations to the 2018 Take Your Family to School Week Grant Recipients! View the list of recipients.

2018 Take Your Family to School Week Toolkit

Thanks for helping us celebrate Take Your Family to School Week! Choose one of the National PTA program categories (Health & Safety, Literacy, Digital Learning or STEM) to plan your event and create a theme for your week.

You have the freedom to design whatever type of event(s) works for you and your school community! Check out the resources below to better plan and promote your event(s). 

Step 1: Choose Your Event Type

Choose from one of the following categories (feel free to use your category as your Take Your Family to School Week theme!)

  • Health & Safety Event: It’s simple—healthy kids just learn better. Families play a key role in their child’s education and health priorities. Host family engagement events around health & safety that are relevant and speak to the needs of your specific school community. Topics could include: nutrition/healthy eating, emotional/mental health, bullying prevention, and more! Learn more at PTA.org/CelebrateHealthyLifestyles.

  • Literacy Event: Reading together as a family is one of the best ways to bond while improving children’s competencies. National PTA is partnered with Reading Is Fundamental (RIF) to provide an abundance of resources for hosting engaging and fun Read-Alouds. Learn more at PTA.org/Reading.

  • Digital Learning Event: Invite families to get an inside look at how students are using technology in the classroom. Digital learning can provide opportunities for learning anytime and anywhere. Host an event (with or without the support of an Instructional Technology Coordinator) on topics like digital safety, cyberbullying and equity in access. Learn more at PTA.org/Connected.

  • STEM Event: Encourage families to see the value in the STEM fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. As these fields continue to rapidly become a leading part of our global workforce, it is important to get kids from all backgrounds engaged in these topics at an early age–and it can be fun! Host an event focused on math games, science experiments, tech invention nights and more! Learn more at PTA.org/STEM.
Step 2: Promote Your Event

Your goal is to get as many families to participate in your event as possible by removing any barriers to participation (e.g. transportation, translation or interpretation). Use these customizable flyers and templates to promote your event for students, families and community members.

Step 3: Host Your Event

Make sure to allot 1-2 hours of set-up and clean-up for your event. Before the event begins, gather all materials you will need and ensure they are all in the correct place. Create a welcome sign (in multiple languages if applicable) and have someone at the door to welcome families as they arrive. Have your participants complete a photo release form so your PTA and National PTA can share your event successes.

Consider having a kick-off by the PTA President (or someone else) that gives an overview of the event objectives and sets the framework of Take Your Family to School Week (in a fun way!) Throughout the event, remind families to all be involved in the activities – it should be for parents too! Don’t forget to take pictures throughout. At the end, thank volunteers and community members for their help.

Step 4: Wrap Up Your Event

Congratulations! Your event is over. Now is the time to celebrate your success! Use this sample template to thank your amazing volunteers and event supporters. And, tell us how your event went by completing this Program Leader Feedback Form and submitting it to Programs@PTA.org.

Don’t forget to also share your event success with your school community and National PTA. Email pictures of families engaged in activities at your event. Share with National PTA on social media using the hashtag #PTAProud.


Email Programs@PTA.org or call (800) 307-4782.

National PTA does not endorse any commercial entity, product, or service. No endorsement of Office Depot OfficeMax is implied.