Abdul Akbar

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Abdul Akbar
Decatur, Georgia
Laurel Ridge Elementary School, Decatur, Georgia   

Personal and Professional Information 

  • Attended Drexel University (Civil Engineering) and Georgia State University (Interdisciplinary Studies majoring in Transportation Planning)

  • Currently, I work as a Staff Engineer for Fulton County Gov. (over 30 years). My duties included reviewing new construction and development plans within Fulton Co. Currently I resolve problems connected with the Fulton County sewer and water systems. Fulton County is comprised of numerous municipalities. The current population of Fulton County is around one million people.

  • Elected twice to serve as a City Councilman for Clarkston government. Clarkston is home to residents that come from over fifty countries and diverse religious beliefs. This experience allowed me to interact with a remarkably diverse population in a positive and meaningful manner. 

  • During my terms as a City Councilman, I served as Vice-President for the DeKalb Municipal Association. I also served as the representative for the state of Georgia on The Community and Regional Development Panel for the National League of Cities in Washington, D.C.

PTA Involvement 

  • Presently, serving as the Diversity and Inclusion Chairperson for the DeKalb County Region 2 PTA. My duties include improving the importance of inclusion of the diverse student body and parental household of the development of PTA programs currently and for the future. 

  • Duties include developing programs and training local PTA units in diversity understanding. This includes broadening shareholder participation in PTA activities and programs. 

  • Other responsibilities in this position are drafting articles in the PTA newsletter addressing relevant issues as they pertain to improving the understanding of the various cultures and demographic groups in this PTA Region. 

  • My committee will work to improve membership levels in demographic groups that have not participated in PTA activities in the past. This includes having workshops with local schools either remotely or in person. 

  • Currently, serving in the Region 2 of the DeKalb County Council of PTAs overseeing elementary school, middle school and high school PTA units.  This oversight responsibility is to ensure that each unit is effective in advocating for the educational and related needs of the students, families, teachers and administrators of these units.

Previous service includes: 

  • Served for several years on the DeKalb County Council of PTAs as the Area 4 Vice-President (Druid Hills Cluster).

  • Served on the DeKalb County Council of PTAs as Liaison for Region 1 for the Dunwoody, Chamblee and Cross Keys High School Clusters. 

  • Served as the Assistant District Director and the District Director for the 11th District of Georgia PTA which comprises approximately 133 local PTA units. 

  • On the state level, served for 4 years as the Chairperson of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee for Georgia PTA. 

  • Served as the Chair for all Standing Committees for Georgia PTA as well as a member of the Executive Committee for Georgia PTA. 

  • In addition to these responsibilities, I have served two terms as a member of the National PTA Diversity Committee.  I served during the 2015 to 2017 term as a member of the National PTA Field Services Committee. 

Community Involvement 

Current non-profit groups that I currently support include but not limited to: 

  • The Thurgood Marshall College Fund, Doctors Without Borders, The Atlanta Community Food Bank, The Atlanta Children's Shelter, Women’s Refugee Network and Alight. 

  • Served two terms as Councilman for the City of Clarkston (Georgia) 

  • Served Vice President DeKalb Municipal Association (Cities of Doraville, Chamblee, Decatur, Avondale Estates, Clarkston, Pine Lake, Lithonia) 

  • Served on the National League of Cities Panel for Community and Regional Development, (Washington, D.C.) 


  • Boy Scouts of America, YMCA, Upward Basketball (Clarkston International Baptist Church), Peachtree Road Race for years 2010 to recent years 

Honors and Awards

  • National Honor Society, Dean’s List, Multiple PTA awards, Employee of the Quarter for Fulton County Government. 

Abdul Ackbar

Candidate Narrative

Abdul Ackbar

I would be honored to continue serving the PTA as a Nominating and Leadership Development Committee (NLRC) member and humbly request your support.

As an engineer, I work to examine raw land and discover its potential to make things better. I want the opportunity to do this for PTA in the role with NLRC in finding passionate and inclusive leaders who embrace the values of our association.

Alice McLellan Birney, Phoebe Apperson Hearst, and Selena Sloan Butler were ordinary women with extraordinary visions. We need to continue this vision and be mindful of our members, who are now the grassroots advocates who will be the future of PTA.

We often search for leadership based on the thickness of one's resume or the positions one has held, but in PTA, the first and most important question is: What do our children need, what do our members need, and what do we need as an association that will continue the work and vision started by our founders?

I have worked for years with the DeKalb County schools. I have been a PTA advocate for our school's families, and teachers, and I have spent time with our local and council members, cultivating the future leaders of our PTAs. I am ready and able to take those skills and continue to foster leaders for the National PTA.

I will represent all of you and work with the NLRC committee to find the talent in humble places that just need encouragement to become the future leaders of our PTA. Most of our upcoming advocates will be found in local school communities, and those serving our councils and states in the name of PTA.

I believe in PTA's values and mission and, when elected, look forward to helping find leaders with the same passion and purpose.