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Aidan Anderson

Aidan Anderson, age 17, is a singer, songwriter, speaker, Ted talker and co-founder of Aidan Cares, a nonprofit that seeks to inspire people of all generations and economic backgrounds to share in the joy and necessity of giving. At 7 years old, Anderson was playing harmonica in a restaurant one night, and his impromptu jam session earned him $80 in tips. After realizing he had everything he needed, he chose to donate that $80 to sick children in Africa. That one simple choice to give changed his life and put him on his path of purpose.

Anderson plays harmonica, ukulele, guitar, sings and shares his story everywhere he possibly can, including hospitals, nursing homes, schools, churches, festivals, leadership summits and youth gatherings. His mission is to share the necessity and joy of giving with all ages. Anderson is the proud recipient of the Daily Point of Light Award, the Coretta Scott King A.N.G.E.L. award and the Hasbro Community Action Hero Award, among others.

  • Aidan Anderson

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