Yvonne Johnson

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2021 President-Elect (2021-23 Term) Nominee

Yvonne Johnson
Wilmington, Delaware
Delaware PTA VIP Bear, Delaware                    
Personal and Professional Information
●    Married for 33 years to John
●    Children: Ross (Stephanie), Jessica, Derrick (Melody)
●    Grandchildren: Crew
●    Independent Education Consultant
●    Family Engagement Specialist
●    Grant Writer
●    Development Director
●    Cheerleading Coach

●    SUNY at Stonybrook BA and BS (1980)

PTA Involvement

Current service includes:
●    National PTA VP of Advocacy (2019 to present)
●    National PTA Legislative Committee Chair (2019 to present)
●    National PTA Governance Policy Task Force (2019 to present)
●    National PTA Strategic Planning Committee (2020 to present)

Previous service includes:
●    National PTA Resolutions Committee (2015-19)
●    National PTA Member Representative of the Board of Directors (2015-17)
●    National PTA Field Service Committee (2013-15)
●    National PTA State President’s Club Secretary/Treasurer (2015-17)
●    National PTA Resolution and Position Statement Review Task Force (2014)
●    Delaware PTA State President (2011-13)
●    Delaware PTA VP of Advocacy, Federal Legislative Chair (2013-20)
●    Delaware PTA Chair of Nominations Committee, (2015 to 2020)
●    Delaware PTA Convention Chair, Sponsorships/ Vendors (2014-19)
●    Delaware PTA Chair of State and Local Relationships (2013-18)
●    Delaware PTA Regional Vice President (2006-11)

Community Involvement

Current service includes:
●    Member of the Childhood Lead Prevention Advisory Committee,
●    Member of the 21st Representative District Committee (Grievance) New Castle County
●    Member of the Action for Delaware Kid’s Committee (Advocacy)

Previous service includes:
●    Co-Chair Committee of Practitioners, Delaware Department of Education (2018-20)
●    Co-chair Red Clay Inclusion Committee (2013-18)
●    Commissioner, Wilmington Education Improvement Commission (2014-19)
●    Chair of Red Clay/Colonial/Christina Referendum Steering Committee (2012-17)
●    Member of the Choice Preference Task Force, ESEA Coalition, Lt Governor’s Anti Bullying Coalition, Dropout Prevention Committee (2011-18)
●    Member of the College and Career Readiness Steering Committee (2013-19)
●    Girl Scout troop leader/district leader, Chesapeake Bay Girl Scouts
●    Co-Chair of Advocates for Children’s Education and Neighborhood Schools Coalition
●    Member of the Data Privacy Task Force, Delaware Attorney General
●    Member of the District/Charter Collaboration Committee, Delaware Department of Education
●    Member of the Governor’s Commission on Trauma Informed Care
●    Member of the Delaware Universal Pre-K Advocacy Committee
●    Member of the Hope Trust Coalition for Delaware’s Children
●    Member of the P20 Council, Delaware Department of Education

Honors and Awards
●    2012 Membership Increase Award, National PTA
●    2014 Shirley Igo Award Recipient, National PTA
●    Lifetime Achievement Award National PTA, Delaware PTA and New Jersey PTA
●    Proclamation from the Delaware House of Representatives for years of service to Delaware PTA (2020)
●    Red Clay Hall of Fame Inductee (2016) Red Clay School District
●    Tribute for volunteerism from General Assembly in Delaware Senate/House of Representatives (2013 -18)

Yvonne Johnson portrait

Candidate Narrative

Yvonne Johnson

Candidate for President-Elect

For almost three decades I have been involved with PTA serving at the local, state, and national levels. Making a difference on behalf of all children motivates me. As National PTA’s Vice President of Advocacy, I have led my committee through difficult decisions and acted swiftly to the needs of our members. Leadership is demonstrated by the ability to offer solutions when things are challenging. I rose to these challenges. I lead with a positive outlook. This term has been extremely difficult for many PTA leaders including myself. The pandemic has shown us that things can be done differently. A true leader rises to challenges and forges forward. I am that the leader.
Our greatest priority as an association is ensuring that PTA is the organization of choice when engaging families. In everything that we do we must be intentional, inspirational, and inclusive. Intentional with our diversity and equity. Inspirational to our members, developing them to be strong leaders and empowering them to take-action. Inclusive in all our practices ensuring everyone has a seat at the table. Any decision made in the name of PTA should always move us forward. We are one PTA with the same goals, values, and priorities.

I understand the commitment it takes to be a national leader. I am results-oriented and strategic. I pride myself in being extremely responsive and a problem solver. I am not afraid to speak up and out on any issue, policy, or project. I am up for the challenge and believe in this association. I am committed to National PTA’s priorities. My passion, drive and willingness to listen and learn makes me uniquely qualified to serve as your next President Elect. I respectively ask you for your vote. Together, we can take PTA into the next generation of members.