Tiffany R. Foster

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2021 Board Member Candidates (2021-2023 Term) Nominee

Tiffany R. Foster
Durham, NC

Personal and Professional Information

•    Husband Eric and daughters Avery (12) and Evelyn (5)
•    B.A., Sociology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
•    Treasury Analyst, Investments, Blue Cross Blue Shield NC
•    2019-2021 Blue Cross Blue Shield NC Change Integration Lead
•    2019 Blue Cross Blue Shield NC Foundation Fellow
•    2018-2019 Blue Cross Blue Shield NC Certified Change Agent
•    2016 Blue Cross Blue Shield NC Facilitation Fellow

PTA Involvement

Current service includes:

•    President, Durham Council of PTAs (2019- 2021)
•    Member, National PTA Membership Committee (2019-2021)
•    Member, James E. Shepard Middle School PTSA

Previous service includes:

•    2020 National PTA Center for Family Engagement Equity Fellow
•    2019-2020, Member, James E. Shepard Middle School PTSA
•    2018-2019 Diversity and Inclusion Chair, Durham Council of PTAs
•    2018-2019, At-Large Member, Holt Elementary Language Academy PTA
•    2017-2018, President, Holt Elementary Language Academy PTA
•    2016-2017, Audit Chair, Holt Elementary Language Academy PTA

Community Involvement

Current service includes:

•    Oversees annual family engagement summit and intentional leadership townhall
•    Builds strategic partnerships with local nonprofits to bring in additional resources to families
•    Hosts multiple PTA local leader trainings and district-wide food and supply distributions
•    Hosted family financial literacy and legal programming on family matters during Covid-19
•    Partnered with Legal Aid of NC to host bi-monthly webinars on navigating local housing crisis

Previous service includes:

•    Guardian Ad Litem (Durham and Orange Counties, NC)
•    Rape Crisis Counselor
•    Girl Scout Leader

Honors and Awards
•    2019 Jan Harp Domene Diversity and Inclusion Council Award (Durham Council of PTAs

Tiffany R. Foster portrait

Candidate Narrative

Tiffany R. Foster

Candidate for Board Member

My name is Tiffany Renee’ Foster and I am running for the Board of Directors as a Member Representative. My PTA journey began in 2016, but what I have learned about myself in the years since is that PTA allows me to engage my full potential and commitment to service with an organization whose values and mission I believe in 100%. I have served in various roles within local, district and national levels of PTA, but what keeps me motivated daily is the knowledge there is so much more we can do. What we all have seen in the past year is we can grow and develop in the face of crisis.

Impact. Integrity. Inclusion. Intentionality. These four words have guided me in my PTA journey, personal life, and career. As a current council president, I strive to enhance our volunteer and member experience by focusing on inclusive strategies for the at-large community (PTA and non-PTA alike), creating partnerships with local businesses and nonprofits to educate and offer additional resources,  and engaging with the local school district and board of education leaders on the needs/feedback of families in my city of Durham, NC. This allows opportunity to showcase the value of PTA to individuals and families that may not be currently tapped into our organization. I practice intentional growth and development for all volunteers. The local, district, state, and national leaders of today will not be the same leaders five years from now. It is imperative we look to our future.  As a member representative, I will bring that same passion, intentionality, integrity, and decorum to assist in moving this organization forward.

I humbly ask you to cast your vote for Tiffany Foster for the role of Member Representative. Thank you for your time and consideration.