Stacy Bateman

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2021 Board Member Candidates (2021-2023 Term) Nominee

Stacy Bateman
Lehi, Utah
Skyridge High School PTSA,                                                                                 

Personal and Professional Information

  • Married for 20 years with five children: ages 18, 16, 15, 12 and 5
  • Board of Education, Alpine School District
  • Bachelor of Science, The University of Utah
  • Student and Parent Advocate, Lehi Junior High School
  • Religious educator, West Jordan High School
  • Varsity Dance Coach, Verona Area High School
  • Family, Youth and Community Engagement, Madison Metropolitan School District
  • Competitive Team Teacher, Jazz N Place Dance Studio and Studio One Dance School

PTA Involvement

Current Service Includes:

  • National PTA Board of Directors
  • National PTA Programs Committee, Chair
  • Utah PTA Region 9 Director, Alpine School District
  • Skyridge High School Grad Night Chair
  • Utah PTA Communications Committee

Previous service includes:

  • Utah PTA Finance, Communications and Convention Committees
  • Skyridge Council President
  • Lehi Council President
  • Lehi Junior High School PTSA President
  • Various Local Fundraising, Membership, Leadership and Communications positions
  • Teamed with NAMI to bring mental health resources to the local community
  • Created and implemented recognition programs to reach all students
  • Engaged community and civic resources of both time and money to build programs for students

Community Involvement

Current service includes:

  • Legislative and Budget Committees, Alpine School District
  • Suicide Prevention Coalition, Alpine School District
  • District Community Council, Alpine School District
  • School Community Council, Lehi Junior High School

Previous service includes:

  • Presidency, Church Women's Organization
  • School Community Council, Eaglecrest Elementary
  • District Parent Council, Madison Metropolitan School District
  • Olson Elementary School PTO President
  • Outreach to underserved populations, Olson Elementary School, MMSD
  • Glacier's Edge Boy Scout Council Roundtable Commissioner and Activities Chair
  • Cub Scout Pack 801 Assistant Cubmaster
  • Church children and youth positions
  • Skyridge Youth Football Fundraising Coordinator
  • Board of Directors, Tustin Community Preschool, OCPPNS 

Honors and Awards

  • Recognition from the Family Council of Utah for providing outreach, awareness, comfort, and inclusion
  • Glaciers Edge Spark Award, Madison, WI
  • Ambassador of the Year, Temple City Chamber of Commerce
  • California State Community Service Award

Stacy Bateman portrait

Candidate Narrative

Stacy Bateman

Candidate for Board Member

Stacy Bateman believes in connections and empowerment. She believes in the power of PTA to change lives through parents/caregivers, teachers and our student leaders. She has seen firsthand the impact that PTA members have in their community, cities and states. Stacy believes that when we embody the PTA mission, we create a bridge between communities and the future. As we continually improve and expand opportunities for all involved, we ensure the longevity of our association.

Stacy knows that the last year has shown what is truly important to our families, schools and communities. As a member of the Alpine School District Board of Education, she has been a champion for mental health, social and emotional wellness, and increased funding to the people and communities who need it most in the midst of this pandemic. Stacy is an advocate for all, and especially for those who may otherwise be forgotten. She uses her voice to bring others to the table so that all are represented.

Stacy is a huge proponent of programs and has worked for over 20 years to provide students with access to programs that will enrich their lives. For the last two years, she has served as the chair of the NPTA Programs Committee. The committee has done intentional work around increasing the amount of units who use NPTA programming and improving the grant process for our local leaders.

When we live the PTA mission and truly work to make every child’s potential a reality, we engage in meaningful work that impacts all our children. Stacy looks to the future with hope and excitement as we continue to advance the work of National PTA.