Scott Allen

Scott Allen
Georgetown, TX
Georgetown High School PTSA, Georgetown, TX

Personal and Professional Information

  • Born in Montana and has lived in the states of Pennsylvania, California, Virginia, Washington and Texas.
  • Education:
    • BBA from Texas Christian University (Fort Worth, TX)
    • MBA from University of Washington (Seattle, WA)
  • Professional business background:
    • Over 25 years in Human Resources Information Technology focusing on systems implementation and business process improvements
    • Currently works as the IT HR Program Manager for TriNet in Austin, TX, a Professional Employer Organization for small and medium sized businesses
    • Experience includes Human Resources/Payroll systems, credit and banking arenas, a financial systems consultant
    • Industry exposure in logistics, food, insurance sales, aviation, travel and healthcare
    • Owner/President of own HR/Payroll consulting business
  • Lives in Georgetown, TX with his wife Shari
  • Father of two married daughters (Eristina and Michael Moore, Sarah and Corey Vos) and a son (Benton)
  • Grandfather of two grandsons (Declan Moore, Cameron Vos)
  • Enjoys the family’s aussiedoodle, Beauregard

PTA Involvement

Current service includes:

  • Georgetown High PTA member
  • Lone Star State PTA member
  • Georgetown PTA Council member
  • State President’s Club member

Previous service includes:

  • National PTA Board of Directors, Member Representative (2 terms)
  • National PTA Resolutions Committee Member
  • National PTA Strategic Plan Committee
  • National PTA State President’s Club President
  • National PTA STEM Task Force
  • National PTA State President’s Club Vice President
  • Washington State PTA President
  • Washington State PTA Vice-President
  • Washington State PTA Legislative Director
  • Washington State PTA Committees (Resolutions, Region 2 Service Delivery Team)
  • Newport High School PTSA President
  • Bellevue Council Treasurer
  • Fall City Elementary PTA President
  • Various local committee chairs (Legislative, Grants, Pancake Breakfast)

Community Involvement

Current Volunteer service includes:

  • USA Swimming Certified Official (Referee)
  • Junior Achievement Business Basics volunteer teacher

Previous service includes:

  • Issaquah Swim Team (Issaquah, WA) Officials Chair
  • Various school district committees (Finance, Curriculum Alignment Review)
  • Midlakes Swim League (Bellevue, WA) Officials Chair
  • High School swim meet official
  • Quail Creek Homeowner’s Association (Redmond, WA) Vice-President

Honors and Awards

  • Washington State PTA Outstanding Advocate Award (Newport High PTSA)
  • Washington State PTA Golden Acorn Award (Chief Kanim PTA)
  • Washington State PTA Leadership Academy Crystal Level
  • Knight Athletic Boosters Association Community Commendation Award

Scott Allen

Candidate Narrative

Scott Allen
Candidate for Nominating and Leadership Recruitment Committee

Challenges and opportunities are always present and now is no different for PTA.  We need leaders who can face those challenges and grab those opportunities with vision for the future and respect for PTA’s past.  Leaders who will harness the energy of and engage our members to ensure the viability of our association.  As a member of NLRC, I’ll dedicate myself to this “Human Resource” arm of PTA by (1) recruiting and nominating those individuals who understand PTA and can lead us into the future and (2) making sure that NRLC’s process is well understood by all.

Why this position? I am committed to ensuring PTA is as relevant for my 2 grandsons as it was when my children were growing up.  I’ll use my background, knowledge, skills, and the investment made in me by PTA to find the absolute BEST, most qualified candidates to lead our association.  My professional work as a manager in Human Resources and business process improvements is focused on identifying people’s skills and knowledge, helping them to reach their highest potential, and ensuring processes are effective. My approach will engage our membership to surface ideas and people to pair with practical solutions so PTA continues as the leader in child advocacy.

My experiences as a past state president, former National PTA Board and Resolutions Committee member, State Presidents’ Club leader, and, like you, a member volunteer are critical to understanding the roles and responsibilities the NLRC will be finding people to fill.  If asked, you’ll find that other leaders will tell you that I'm someone who does his homework, is willing to ask crucial questions, and comes prepared - always looking out for the best interests of our Parent Teacher Association.

I humbly ask for your vote.