Matthew John Rodriguez

Matthew John Rodriguez                                                            
Schaumburg, IL
Chicago Region PTA, Early Childhood PTA, Illinois Advocates for Children PTA, Illinois PTA, Presidents Club PTA, Nerge PTA, Northwest Cook Region PTA, Wisconsin at Large PTA, Wisconsin Alumni & Community PTA. States: Illinois & Wisconsin

Personal and Professional Information

  • Father of 2 boys and father figure to hundreds
  • Love airplanes & motorcycles
  • Have 5 Businesses
  • Run aircraft maintenance planning dept
  • Live to serve

PTA Involvement

Current service includes:

  • 3rd VP for Nerge PTA
  • VP of Early Childhood PTA
  • President of Illinois Advocates for Children PTA
  • Federal Legislative Chair for Wisconsin PTA
  • Family and Community Engagement Chair for Northwest Cook Region PTA

Previous service includes:

  • 1st Hispanic Illinois State President
  • Juvenile Safety and Protection Director
  • Mead Jr. High PTA President
  • Urban Family and Engagement Initiative
  • Emerging Minority Leadership

Community Involvement

Current service includes:

  • Chair of the Family & Community Engagement for IL Gov P-20 Council
  • Represent PTA in Illinois Attendance Commission
  • Represent PTA in Illinois Balanced Accountability Measure
  • Represent PTA throughout the Illinois School Board of Ed
  • Represent PTA in Voices of Illinois Children

Previous service includes:

  • Mentor and Career Services for the Black Star Project
  • VP of Youth for LULAC 5238
  • Served on 15 Illinois Board of Education committees
  • Illinois Fatherhood Initiative
  • Bilingual Education Advisory Council

Honors and Awards

  • PTA Lifetime Achievement
  • 2016 Illinois Father of the Year
  • 2016 Illinois Latino Legislative Caucus Award for my community service

John Matthew Rodriguez

Candidate Narrative

Matthew John Rodriguez
Candidate for Member Representative, Board of Directors

I look forward to serving as your next Board Member advocating at a higher level to foster a more collaborative, diverse, inclusive environment by looking at various options to help our members. As a fierce, devoted, concerned father I fought my way into the PTA as a local volunteer. I was blessed to serve in many roles, and as VP at Mead Jr. High it was the first time, I realized there were more layers to the PTA. I met and sat next to Chuck Saylors the National PTA President Elect, at the Illinois State Convention, and he told me PTA is more than just a mom's fundraising club. It was at that point that I realized I wanted to be a part of PTA's TRUE mission of advocating for ALL kids not just my own!

As I discovered my passion working with various organizations the National PTA sent out the Univision television station to televise my PTA story. All families, volunteers, and individuals look, feel, speak differently and I work hard every day across the country to make sure that ALL of our voices are included. In my relentless dedicated journey, I want to help people where they are at. I am more compassionate and loving than maybe I should be but we ALL need just that someone to be there for us when things are good but ESPECIALLY when things are bad. Over all of these years and because of the PTA I have developed numerous leadership skills, too many to list here but more than willing to share and give back. In my resume you will also see a long list of awards and accolades but among the best one is being called Papi (dad in Spanish).