Marques Alexander Ivey

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2021 President-Elect (2021-23 Term) Nominee

Marques Alexander Ivey
Aurora, Colorado
Vista PEAK Campus, Aurora, Colorado

Personal and Professional Information

•    Aurora Public Schools - Board of Education Member, Treasurer
•    Law Office of Marques A. Ivey, PLLC- Sole Practitioner
•    Municipal Court Judge for City of Aurora, City of Lakewood, and City of Westminster
•    Doctor of Jurisprudence, University of Tulsa, College of Law    
•    Bachelors of Arts, Criminal Justice; Indiana University, Bloomington
•    Married to Stacey Ivey for 22 years, 3 Children Quezdon 20, Andalysia 18, and Kaiyan 15

PTA Involvement
Current service includes:
•    National PTA Trustee for the Foundation

Previous service includes:
•    Vice President of Advocacy
•    Chair of Legislation Committee
•    Governance Policy Task Force Member
•    Board of Directors, Member Representative, National PTA
•    Chair of Bylaws and Policy Committee, National PTA
•    Chair Membership Committee, National PTA
•    Committee Member of Executive Director Review, National PTA
•    Committee Member of Organizational Effectiveness Committee, National PTA
•    Board of Directors, Colorado PTA
•    Region 3 Director, Colorado PTA
•    Chair, Election Committee, Colorado PTA
•    Diversity and Inclusivity Committee, Colorado PTA
•    Chair, Nominating Committee, Colorado PTA
•    President, Vaughn Elementary PTA    
•    Vista Peak Elementary School

Community Involvement
Current service includes:
•    Council of Urban Boards of Education
•    Council of the Great City Schools
•    Co-Founder of non-profit –Attorneys and Educators for Social and Racial Justice
•    Co-Founder of Dope Black Thoughts Network
•    Board of Directors -Colorado Criminal Defense Bar, Life Member Award

Previous service includes:
•    Colorado Juvenile Defender Coalition Member
•    Minoru Yasui Community Volunteer Award Committee Member – Chair-Elect
•    Member of the City of Aurora Bar Association
•    Arapahoe County Bar Association
•    Member of Colorado Justice Reform Coalition
•    Drummer for All Attorney Band for Charity – Phoenix Rising
•    Board of Directors -Colorado Lawyers for the Arts- Pro Bono Chair  
•    Board of Directors – American Bar Association – Young Lawyers Division – Diversity

Honors and Awards
•    Life Member of Colorado PTA, National PTA, Montana PTA, Michigan PTA, Ohio PTA
•    Arkansas PTA Travelers Award and Arkansas Ambassador
•    Top 100 Trial Lawyers of America – 2013 - 2021
•    Who’s Who – Top Lawyer in America 2014 -2021
•    Recipient of National PTA President’s Exceptional Leadership Award

Marques Alexander Ivey portrait

Candidate Narrative

Marques Alexander Ivey

Candidate for President-Elect

When I was elected as the President of the School Board of Aurora, Colorado, I thought I would probably be the president for 4 years, but decided not to run for a second consecutive term, not because there was no will or desire from others for me to continue in that role, but because I believe that the primary job of a leader is to find the greatness in others and bring that to the forefront of new leadership.

For the PTA to be effective and to continue to have a seat at the table of educational and social change, we must first elect leaders that understand what transformation and change truly mean. I understand change and I understand transformation, and PTA can be on the precipice of such change.

The challenges facing PTA has been long-standing. During this past year racial equity, the Covid-19 pandemic, gun violence and contempt for democracy in the 21st century calls for a greatly expanded definition of what it means to be a member of the PTA.

My focus as the President-Elect and President would be to find and engage new leaders that are not bound by conventional thought, or of the belief of, “This is how we have always done it” but rather to find and engage diverse leaders who don’t think traditionally, because the challenges that we face as a PTA are no longer traditional. Therefore, the solutions that PTA must bring to the table should be bold, innovative, and inclusive. But before we can start the very noble journey of non-traditional educational and social change, we must first make leadership in this association not an afterthought, but one of proven, effective, and lived-experienced leaders. And one of those leaders is Marques Ivey.