Lawrence Clermont

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2021 NLRC Candidates (2021-2024 Term) Nominee

Lawrence Clermont
Largo, FL
Southside St. Petersburg Community PTA, St. Petersburg, FL

Personal and Professional Information

•    Co-founder and President of Father and Family Council
•    Owner and President of Swag4Dads
•    20+ years of sales, operations, and customer service experience growing and building teams in a leadership capacity
•    10+ years of non-profit leadership & volunteer management
•    Graduate of University of Florida (B.S.) & University of Phoenix (M.S.)
•    Married to my PTA partner wife Asia. Proud parents of three children
•    Mentor four 5th grade boys

PTA Involvement

Current service includes:

•    Florida PTA
•     Board of Directors, West Region Representative, Vice-Chair Legislation Committee
•    Southside St Petersburg Community PTA - President
•    Sunshine State PTSA  - Executive Committee

Previous service includes:
•    Florida PTA
•    Board of Directors, College & Career Readiness Committee member, Legislation Committee member, Resolutions Committee member
•    Pinellas County Council PTA
•    President, VP Advocacy, Legislative Chair, Male Engagement Committee
•    Largo High School PTSA
•    Legislative Chair
•    Largo Middle School PTSA
•    President, VP Advocacy, Secretary, Treasurer, Fundraising Chair

Community Involvement

Current service includes:

•    Gus Stavros Career Education Board
•    5000 Role Models Executive Committee
•    NAACP St Petersburg Executive Committee
•    League of Women Voter’s Pinellas, Voter Services Committee
•    League of United Latin Americans (LULAC) Pinellas – Board member

Previous service includes:

•    Pinellas Education Foundation Board of Directors, May 2018 – June 2020
•    Pinellas County Schools District Monitoring and Advisory Committee, member and Chair
•    Clearwater Jaycees, member and President
•    League of Women Voter’s Pinellas – Education committee
•    NAACP (North and South) – Education committee

Honors and Awards:

•    During Pinellas County Council PTA term as President
•    National PTA Jan Harpe Domene Diversity and Inclusion Award 2020
•    National PTA Family Engagement Grant 2019/2020
•    JWB literacy outreach grant (ReadStrong) 2019
•    Florida PTA - Literacy Award 2020, Diversity Equity & Inclusion Award 2020, Literacy Award 2019
•    During Term as Largo Middle School President
•    Pinellas County Council PTA - Program Award 2015, Program Award 2014,
Partnership Award 2014
•    Florida PTA - Program Award 2015, Partner Award 2014
•    During Term as President of Clearwater Jaycees
•    Firefighter Award - leadership recognition

Lawrence Clermont portrait

Candidate Narrative

Lawrence Clermont

Candidate for Nominating and Leadership Recruitment Committee

I am grateful to be slated as a candidate for NLRC.

I have been involved with PTA at the local unit, county, and state level in various roles. I am the co-founder of Father and Family Council and have 20+ years of sales, operations, and customer service experience in a leadership capacity. These experiences provided me with numerous opportunities to grow/build teams through the identification and recruitment of talented individuals. I have ten years’ experience in non-profit leadership and volunteer management working with a diverse group of volunteers and community organizations.

To promote the sustainability and growth of the association, it is vital that we seek leadership at all levels that reflects the vast diversity of our organization and with whom our members can relate beyond being a PTA volunteer. Our members deserve leaders who embody personal integrity, are compassionate, and value diverse perspectives.

The events of the past year have drastically changed how we interact with the world around us. We have been pushed to find innovative ways to foster meaningful connections virtually. This has created an opportunity to shift our strategy in engaging new leaders. So much of our past has relied on networking at conferences and events, and we now have the opportunity and responsibility to reach all corners of PTA’s footprint virtually.  Through mindful and strategic planning, we can reframe how we seek out future leadership by connecting with those who are otherwise unable to access networking opportunities.

My goal is to help members, and potential members, realize their full potential and contribute their time and talent to National PTA. It has been an honor to be a PTA volunteer and I look forward to helping others also experience the invaluable benefits and professional growth that comes with increased engagement.