Kim Henderson

In This Section

Kim Henderson
Franklin, Tennessee
Rivermont PTA, Chattanooga, TN

Personal and Professional Information

  • Independent Contractor 2016-Present
  • National PTA TCBI Trainer
  • WordPerfect Certified Trainer
  • Appleton Area School District (Substitute Secretary) 2008- 2015
  • Saddleback Valley School District (Playground Supervisor, Health Aide and Secretary) 2000-2007

Current service includes:

  • Tennessee State PTA 
    • Immediate Past President
    • State and Local Relations Committee Chair
    • Region Director Advisor and Acting Director
    • MemberHub Lead and Trainer 
  • National PTA
    • Leadership Committee  
  • Local Unit Member

Previous service includes:

  • This is a list of many of the positions I have held throughout my time with PTA. I have also served in smaller capacities with local PTAs during this time. 
  • Tennessee State PT
    • President
    • President-Elect
    • Membership Chair
    • Family Engagement Grant State Team 
    • FRTR Grant Team Lead
  • National PTA
    • NCAAC Secretary
    • Field Service Committee
    • Special Needs Committee
  • Wisconsin State PTA
    • Immediate Past President
    • President
    • President-Elect
    • Region Advisor
  • California PTA
    • 4th District Chairman of Council Presidents
    • Saddleback Valley Council President
    • Melinda Heights PTA, President, Vice President
    • Esperanza PTA, Secretary

Community Involvement

Current service includes:

  • Committee on Pediatric Emergency Care (CoPEC) Executive Team
  • Tennessee Employment Choices Program Mid-Tennessee Advisory Council
  • ARC of Middle Tennessee
  • Church Youth Leader

Previous service includes:

  • Wisconsin Afterschool Network
  • Wisconsin RtI State Leadership Team
  • Wisconsin Community on Transition Leadership Team
  • Wisconsin State Parent Education Initiative Team
  • Wisconsin Department on Public Instruction Parent Advisory Committee
  • Wisconsin School Accountability Design Team
  • Early Childhood Advisory Council Family and Community Partnership subcommittee
  • Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Public Affairs Director, Appleton, WI
  • Fox Valley Out of Time School Network
  • Special Education Parent Advisory Council – Appleton Area School District
  • Sunday School Teacher
  • Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Family History Center Director, Appleton WI
  • Challenger Baseball Team Mom
  • School Site Council

Honors and Awards

  • Tennessee PTA Honorary Life
  • Certificate of Nonprofit Board Education (BoardSource)
  • Wisconsin PTA Honorary Life
  • California PTA Honorary Service Award
  • Two-time Saddleback Valley School District Community Recognition Award


Candidate Narrative

Kim Henderson

My name is Kim Henderson and I am interested in serving as a member of the NLRC. I am currently serving on the Tennessee State PTA and as a member of the National PTA Leadership Committee. My husband and I have two children, including a son with special needs, three granddaughters, all who attend(ed) public school.  

I have served with the PTA for 20+ years in three very different states and at every level of PTA. I think the variety of positions and experiences I have had with PTA, and those outside of PTA, qualify me to serve and understand the needs and concerns of PTA nationwide. I frequently ask what works and what doesn’t, I am willing to think outside the box, try new ideas, willing to address the challenging issues and be flexible while always focusing on the mission of PTA. As a member of NLRC, I will search for and develop future leaders to keep our association strong, innovative and relevant.  

I feel that communication, networking, diversity, dedication, and teamwork are priorities in any organization.  These are some of the traits I would look for in future leaders and those I would bring to the NLRC. Part of teamwork is also making sure all voices are heard and having respect and a positive working relationship with every member of the team. I have worked with leaders that were involved for the wrong reasons or lacking the needed skills and realize the importance of finding the best people for our future. I believe that leadership roles are something that you have a potential for, not something that you earn by putting in the time.  

I would like to assist in building the future of PTA and ask for your vote for National PTA NLRC.