Jude Bruno

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Notes from the Backpack Podcast

Jude Bruno
Miami, Florida
Seminole High School, Pinellas, Florida

Personal and Professional Information

  • Work for United Teachers of Dade
  • Has been a student services professional for 5 years

PTA Involvement

Current service includes:

  • Member of National PTA Board of Directors
  • Member of Florida PTA Board of Directors
  • Corresponding Secretary of Linda Lentin K-8 Center PTSA
  • Member of National PTA Mission Engagement Committee


Previous service includes:

  • National PTA Board of Directors
  • Youth Involvement Committee Chair
  • Health and Safety Committee Member
  • Local Unit President, Membership Chair, Legislative Chair
  • Various roles at the County Council Level

Community Involvement

Current service includes:

  • Various Community Campaigns initiatives

Previous service includes:

  • Campaign for School District General Obligation Bonds and Teacher Salaries
  • Chair of the Miami-Dade County Youth Commission

Honors and Awards

  • National PTA Lifetime Achievement