Fidelia Sturdivant

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Fidelia Sturdivant
West Orange, New Jersey
N.J.PTA Garden State, Trenton, N.J.                                                                  

Personal and Professional Information

  • NJPSA Coordinator of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Lifetouch Memory Mission, Vocational School in Constanza, D.R.
  • Retired Elementary School Principal, East Orange School District, N.J.
  • Retired Elementary School Teacher, East Orange School District, N.J.

PTA Involvement

Current Service Includes:

  • Lifetime Member of NJPTA Garden State
  • Coordinator of NJPTA and NJPSA Partnering Parent Workshop Series 2022-2023
  • Keynote Speaker, NJPTA Regional Conference - April 2022
  • N.J. Statewide Youth Ambassador Member
  • Rutgers University, Diversifying The Teacher Workforce
 Previous service includes:

  • Membership Recruiter, Wahlstrom Academy Parent Association
  • West Orange High School PTA , Fundraiser Member

Community Involvement

Current service includes:

  • Trustee - Bethel Baptist Church, Orange,N.J.
  • Missionary - Bethel Baptist Church, Orange,N.J
  • N.J. Council of Education Foundation
  • East Orange Hall of Fame Scholarship Ambassador
  • Mental Health Youth First Aid Trainer

 Previous service includes:

  • N.J. State Board of Examiners
  • NAESP - Board of Director Member
  • NAESP - State Representative for Zone 2, N.J., N.Y. and Pa.
  • NJPSA - Past President
  • NJPSA - Board of Director Member
  • YMCA - East Orange Board of Director
  • NAACP- Past President of Orange and Maplewood Branch

Honors and Awards

  • The Shirley Chisholm Award- Catalyst For Change
  • NAESP - Outstanding Service Award
  • NJPTA - Honorary Lifetime Membership Award
  • NJPSA - Outstanding Leadership Award
  • YMCA - Women of Influence Award
  • East Orange School District - Administrators Award
  • State of N.J. - Joint Legislative Resolution Award

Fidelia Sturdivant

Candidate Narrative

Fidelia Sturdivant

Have you ever had an overwhelming desire to help someone? A person in a wheelchair trying to open a door? A child running toward the street after a ball? “I can help!” comes immediately to my mind, especially in support of marginalized people and populations, regardless of (sometimes because of) race, ability, gender/identity, or religion. 

I knew early in life that I was going to assist people. I considered pediatrics, but education was my calling.  I believe I was chosen to be an educator, using my helpfulness to benefit my students and their parents however possible. As a former teacher and retired elementary school principal, I was blessed to work with thousands of students and parents from pre-kindergarten to high school and Seton Hall Head Start programs. 

A truly effective educator establishes meaningful relationships with the school community, not by declaring, “Teachers and parents are a team,” but through observable actions that illustrate that WE truly are collaborators invested in a quality and equitable education for all “our” children.  

True story… As the principal at Wahlstrom Academy in East Orange, NJ, I wanted my Early Childhood students to have access to iPads to enhance their learning. My technology budget was limited. Having established a trusting, collaborative relationship with my parents’ association, we strategically planned fundraiser projects and purchased 20 iPads, 20 protective covers, and 2 rechargeable carts. 

Imagine the joyful learning that took place on those iPads! My preschool handicapped students entered their passcodes and swiped the tablets just as efficiently as my Gifted & Talented students, and technology became an equalizer. 

I was chosen to be an educator because I could help then, and I hope that I will be chosen to be your National PTA Board Member so that I can help now.  It’s what I do!