Diane Pickrel

Diane Pickrel
Lake Forest Park, WA
Brookside PTA 6.12.15

Personal and Professional Information

  • Bachelor of Science degree in Numerical Analysis, English minor, University of Washington
  • Certified Public Accountant, CPA, audit and tax preparation; retired
  • Owner/manager of multi-unit rental property, landlord, leases, recruitment, maintenance, updates; sold
  • Nordstrom career in sales, management, accounting and security; retired
  • Ski instructor in Washington and Colorado; Masters ski racing competitor; avid skier

PTA Involvement

Current service includes:

  • Promoting Civics & Civility through an organized curriculum for PTA and National PTA; a contest, students write laws, best law goes to Congress
  • Preparing as candidate for Board of Directors in reviewing 120 years of practices over time to current practices, with PTA mission in mind
  • Reading “Where Children Come First”, by National Congress of Parents and Teachers (National PTA), 1949
  • Reading “The National PTA Talks to Parents - How to Get the Best Education for Your Child”, by Melitta J. Cutright, PhD, 1989
  • Reading online “The Weekend Update”, “Our Children” magazine, “Advocacy Insider”, all National PTA publications

Previous service includes:

  • Executive positions in elementary and high school include President, Treasurer, Secretary, Nominations Committee, Family Services, Volunteer Appreciation, Community Resources, with distinctions below
  • Embrace Shoreline Schools developer, a district wide event for school grounds beautification, involving churches, community, schools, students, parents, teachers and district
  • Council Treasurer and Family Services chair, “The Works”, a back to school preparedness event, including a clothing room for identified children in need, plus a Holiday Baskets benefit
  • After School Activities (ASA), usually held fall, winter and spring, spanning six weeks, grade school, numerous subject choices, children bussed home
  • Foreign Language classes instituted at grade school level, Spanish, French and German, as part of ASA
  • Talent Shows, elementary, that encouraged every student to get on stage, also part of ASA, held at district theatre for volume
  • Two Senior Sprees as treasurer, planner and facilitator
  • Convention speaker, on After School Activities, for Washington State Convention
  • School of Excellence organizer and applicant

Community Involvement

Current service includes:

  • CAOS ski group coordinator for Thanksgiving holiday trips to Whistler, BC; hotel procurement; contracts; collect attendees; group rates; event details; followup
  • Volleyball community party organizer for June, July, August and September every summer; potluck; social or active choice
  • Voting advocate for #VoteTogether or When We All Vote, Supermajority, Rock the Vote, and campaign involvement knocking on doors

Previous service includes:

  • CAOS ski group coordinator for Spring trips to Whistler over many years
  • Family advocate supporting parents of noncompliant children, also taking in friends and family in crisis to regain stability
  • Ambassador in Washington state for No Labels, a centrist group in Washington DC
  • High School Reunions committee planner
  • Recruiter of WSPTA for OSPI’s Civic Education Initiative pamphlet

Honors and Awards

  • Golden Acorn Awards
  • Shoreline School District Award “In Appreciation of Your Service”
  • Good Neighbor Award, City of Lake Forest Park
  • Council Treasury Appreciation Award
  • NW Regional Skiing Awards

Diane Pickrell

Candidate Narrative

Diane Pickrel
Candidate for Member Representative, Board of Directors

Strong women are resilient, open minded, fair and energetic.  Consider Ms. Pickrel.

Our common values center around education for our children and their welfare.  I joined PTA as my daughters entered kindergarten to be sure they received a quality education.  They did, and so did I with PTA.  That experience continues to grow past K-12, and is still fueled by the passion of seeing what needs to be done and doing it.  

As a retired Certified Public Accountant who also had a career with Nordstrom in sales, management, accounting and security, I’m left with a combination of many skills appropriate for this position.  Add 18 years of PTA work from K-12, Council, District, WSPTA and National PTA, to envision a problem solving education advocate.

Can we amplify empathy and kindness in schools, homes and our communities?  Can we raise awareness that our Democracy is worth fighting for, and possibly begin a Civics Program, to promote government understanding, its successful traits, and why voting matters?

What about using STEM to tackle climate through environmental sciences?  Or teach how to convert social media disinformation into fact finding, critical thinking and truth?  Or plan PTA daycare as After School Programs over an empty home?  Or use diversity as our common thread to unite more members?

Distance learning and virtual conferences are here.  We will adapt.  Our PTA mission remains the same, and I look forward to accepting the challenge of helping the National PTA Board of Directors team make sound choices in these changing times, while constantly affirming our premise of success and welfare for every child and youth in our nation and beyond.

Thank you for your consideration, and more importantly, thank you for your service to this great organization.