Darlene Sanchez-Harris

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2021 Secretary-Treasurer (2021-23 Term) Nominee

Darlene Sanchez-Harris
Carlisle, PA

Personal and Professional Information:
•    Penn State Graduate 2021 – Bachelor’s of Science Business Management, 3.53 GPA
•    NAVSUP Management Assistant, Knowledge Management and Analysis, 2020-2021
•    Conflict Resolution Classes
•    COMPASS Lead Instructor for Military Spouses Overseas, 2008-2011
•    Continuing Education in Psychology and Human Behavior, 2008-present
•    Substitute Teacher, Naples American High School, Italy, 2008-2011

PTA Involvement:

Current service includes:
•    National PTA Vice President Membership
•    National PTA Member Board of Directors
•    National PTA ED review Task Force

Previous service includes:
•    National PTA Field Service Committee Chair 2017-present
•    Pennsylvania PTA Membership & Extension Chair 2018-2019
•    National PTA Field Service Committee, 2015-2017
•    Eastlake High School PTSA Membership Chair & Senior Grad Nite Chair 2013-2017
•    National PTA NLDC member, 2012-2015
•    California State PTA Membership Commission member, 2013-2015
•    California State PTA Nominating Committee Special Committee member, 2013-2014
•    Ninth District PTA Resource Development Chair, 2013-2015
•    Ninth District PTA Summer Leadership Conference Committee – Vendor Chair, 2013-2015
•    Eastlake High School PTSA President, 2013-2015, 2016-2017
•    Ninth District PTA 1st VP Leadership Services, 2011-2013
•    Ninth District PTA Summer Leadership Conference Chair, 2011-2013
•    Cultural & Diversity Chair European PTA, 2009-2011
•    Director of Membership European PTA, 2010-2011
•    President, Naples Elementary School PTA, Naples, Italy, 2008-2009

Community Involvement
Current service includes
•    Univ. Ca. San Diego Triton Family Ambassador 2017-present
•    Pi Sigma Epsilon – Penn State Harrisburg

Previous service includes:
•    San Francisco State University Parent Council Member 2015 - 2017
•    Boy’s Golf Team Booster Chair, 2014 –2017
•    Initiator of the “Spouse Fit for Life” program in collaboration with Department of Navy MWR
•    Reflections Art Competition Judging Coordinator, European PTA 2010
•    Volunteer Coordinator and U.S. Donations Chair for the Allied Spouses Club, Naples, Italy, 2007-2011
•    Toastmasters District 26 Treasurer – 2002-2003, District 5 Treasurer 2013

Honors and Awards:
•    Penn State Dean’s list – 2019-present
•    Navy Meritorious Public Service Award for period of May 2007 – April 2010
•    Nominated San Diego Volunteer of the Year by Eastlake High School, 2014

Darlene Sanchez Harris portrait

Candidate Narrative

Darlene Sanchez-Harris

Candidate for Secretary-Treasurer

If these past two years have shown us anything, is that our dedicated volunteers, can do anything from anywhere.  We are an association of volunteers who have proven their resilience and willingness to collaborate, and complete necessary tasks, in the face of incredible challenges to keep our units viable.   Communication is the key, and with technology at our fingertips, learning and embracing a new way of thinking is what will lead us forward.

I am excited to run for the position of Secretary/Treasurer for National PTA.  I was fortunate to be part of this board for the past 5 years.  Serving on the board in the role of a member representative followed by Vice President of Membership has allowed me to understand and know our financial position for our association.  These roles are combined at National PTA are very different than what you may experience in your own units, yet just as important.  I bring to the role continuity and experience.  Unlike many states and all units, I will not be the one collecting your membership dues, keeping the books and running the reports in the treasurer position.  Yet it would still be my role to read the numbers and relate their story.  I have been reading membership numbers and data for years, which I love to do, and explain what the numbers are trying to tell us.  It is the same in the treasurer role. With the combined duty as secretary I’ll ensure meeting minutes are captured correctly so that future leaders can look back on decisions made.   I just graduated from Penn State University with a degree in management, and many of my business classes related to exactly what this position entails.  I humbly ask you to cast your vote for Darlene Sanchez-Harris for the role of Secretary/Treasurer