Chris Elliot

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Chris Elliot
Oklahoma City, OK
All Oklahoma PTA, Oklahoma City, OK

Personal and Professional Information

2nd year U.S. History/Government/Economics Educator
Licensed educator in (Arizona, Arkansas, California, Hawaii, Illinois, Mississippi, Nevada, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas & Ireland) ACSI Certified International Educator

PTA Involvement

California State PTA, Oklahoma State PTA & National PTA

Current PTA service includes: 
Oklahoma PTA Legislative Committee (2021-2023)

Previous PTA service includes: 
(2021-2023) National PTA Legislative Committee (OK) 
(2018-2020) District PTA Director of Legislation (CA)
(2017-2018) Oklahoma State Youth involvement Chair (OK) 
(2015-2017) District PTA Youth Engagement (CA)
(2013-2015) District PTA VP of Membership (CA)
(2011-2013) District PTA Secretary (CA)
(2010-2011) Local/Council Secretary (CA)
(2008-2010) Local Fundraising Coordinator (CA) 

Community Involvement

Current service includes:
(2019-Present) Community Ride-share driver (CA & OK)

Previous service includes:
(2019-Present) RedCross Volunteer Member  (CA & OK)
(2013-2019) Educational Camp Counselor (CA)

Honors and Awards

U.S. Congressional Medal Award for Service - Gold Medal (2020) 
Oklahoma PTA Lifetime Member Honoree (2020)
U.S. Presidential Volunteer Service Award - Gold Medal (2017) (Pres. Trump) 
U.S. Presidential Volunteer Service Award - Gold Medal (2014) (Pres. Obama)

Christopher Elliot

Candidate Narrative

Chris Elliot

I’m Chris Elliot, last year I spoke to you all running from the floor for the National board for the very first time, showcasing how I was raised in PTA, this year I once again run from the floor to share with you all the need for a new generation of leadership in PTA! A generation that isn’t afraid to take on the difficult challenges that we as an organization face in order to move the mission and vision forward.This new generation of  PTA leaders, my generation of PTA leaders, is ready to work to help solve the challenges of declining membership, and frankly the steady decline of how PTA is seen around the nation!

There are so many more issues that we have to solve in order to keep our organization around for another 150 years. In order to do that we have to be willing as an organization to work together with new leaders that can bring these fresh ideas and perspectives.

In order to solve the issues that we face as National PTA, we must start back at the local level. You can’t address national issues if you don’t take the time to understand the struggles that individuals and units face in PTA. PTA has been a leader in diversity, equity and inclusion in many areas. Let's continue to be the change makers by electing new young leaders that are ready to work with everyone and to be a part of this PTA solution.

I hope you will join me, as one PTA, as we make this organization sustainable for the next generation of leaders by electing someone who’s not afraid to ask the difficult questions and is ready to stand up for the betterment of our organization!