Candy Jo Bracken

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2021 Board Member Candidates (2021-2023 Term) Nominee

Candy Jo Bracken
Anchorage, AK
Robert Service High School PTSA, Anchorage, AK

Personal and Professional Information

  • Project Manager / Outside Sales for Total Electric Supply Company December 15, 2003 to Present
  • Mother of 3 Boys – Alexander 17, Ian 14, Connor 12        
  • Paralegal Studies Degree from University of Alaska Fairbanks    

PTA Involvement

Current Service Includes:

  • National PTA Board of Managers, Member Representative 2019-Present
  • National PTA Diversity, Inclusion and Outreach Committee Member 2019-Present
  • Alaska PTA Vice President of Membership 2019-Present

Previous service includes:

  • National PTA NCAAC Secretary 2017-2019     
  • Alaska PTA President 2016-2019    
  • Campbell Elementary Membership Chair 2018-2019
  • Alaska PTA President-Elect 2015-2016       
  • Alaska PTA Region 4 Vice President 2013-2015       
  • Alaska PTA Education Committee Chair 2013-2015        
  • Campbell Elementary (STEM) PTA President 2017-2018
  • Mears Middle School PTSA Secretary 2013-2015
  • Campbell Elementary (STEM) PTA President 2014-2016    
  • Campbell Elementary (STEM) PTA Treasurer 2011-2013

Community Involvement

Current service includes: Unfortunately, our city is currently in mandated lockdowns still, so volunteers are not allowed in most venues, but I am helping wherever will allow volunteers to help

Previous service includes:

  • Cougar Gridiron Booster Club President 2018-2020
  • BP Teacher of the Year Selection Committee 2019
  • State of Alaska Teacher of the Year Selection Committee 2018-2020        
  • Cougar Gridiron Booster Club Secretary 2016-2018           
  • Immaculate Conception Catholic School PTO Secretary 2009-2011        
  • St. Raphael Children’s Programs 2005-2011        

Candy Jo Bracken portrait

Candidate Narrative

Candy Jo Bracken
Candidate for Board Member

One day at our elementary school I said, “Hi, sweetie.” to my son’s classmate, she gave me that look. I said, “I am so sorry, I call everyone sweetie.” She told me, “That is okay, sweetie is better than what I get called at home.”

It was this moment I knew I had to be an advocate for all children not just my own.  PTA is the way to make sure that happens; our mission embodies what we all want for the children of this country. Everything that we do as PTA should be one step towards from our mission. We need to make sure that every member and potential member can relate to our mission. We should be training our existing leaders and potential leaders so they can continue the mission into the future. We need to continue to provide opportunities for our members to learn, engage, grow, advocate, lead and make a difference in their communities.

We need to be open and transparent, listen and act immediately to show that we HEAR our membership. As a National PTA Board of Director, my goal will be to continue to give potential and current members the opportunity to learn about and join the best child advocacy association. It is our job as PTA leaders to help make that connection. We cannot engage new and current members in our mission if we do not live the mission every moment of every day.

We need to continue developing plans for all our PTA/PTSAs with their input.  We cannot leave any congress behind in this process, each congress has something important to bring to the table and we cannot succeed without every single one on board with our next steps