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Following are a proposed resolution, proposed amendment to an existing resolution and proposed revision to a resolution that will be voted on by delegates at the 2019 National PTA Convention in Columbus, Oh.

The resolutions are national in scope, but they have impact at the local, council and state levels of PTA as well. The power of a resolution is to enable PTA members, leaders and public policy and program teams to join with others to build partnerships, form coalitions, increase awareness, develop programs and lobby policy makers.

Proposed, Amended and Revised Resolutions for National PTA


Bylaws govern an organization’s operations and contain the basic rules relating principally to itself as an association. The National PTA bylaws outline the basic purpose of PTA, list basic policies of National PTA and provide a structure for how the PTA is set up. The bylaws also provide information on National PTA committee structure, the annual convention and amendment process.

Proposed Bylaws Amendment


Eight Board of Directors Member Representatives are elected each year, and either two or three members of the Nominating and Leadership Development Committee (NLDC) are elected each year based on a cycle defined in the National PTA Bylaws. National officers of the association are elected in odd-numbered years.

For more info about the governance, the elections process and bylaw/policy changes, read the National PTA Bylaws.

The National PTA Election Policy may also be referenced below.

2019 Board Officer Candidates (2019-2021 Term)



2019 Board Member Candidates (2019-2021 Term)



2019 NLRC Candidates (2019-2022 Term)