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National PTA 125th Anniversary

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National PTA 125th Anniversary Convention


To vote on convention business, you must be a member of the voting body of the annual meeting as defined in Article XII, Section 2 of the National PTA bylaws. If you are not a member of National PTA Governance as defined in that section of the bylaws, you must fully complete your registration (including full payment) for the National PTA Convention by 11:59 p.m. EDT, May 31, in order to be considered for state delegate status.  If you have questions about becoming a state delegate, contact your state PTA.

At the National PTA 125th Anniversary Convention, members of the voting body will vote on the 2022 Convention Standing Rules, proposed resolutions and proposed bylaws amendments, as well as at-large National PTA Board Member candidates and Nominating and Leadership Recruitment Committee candidates.


Bylaws govern an organization’s operations and contain the basic rules relating principally to itself as an association.

The National PTA bylaws outline the basic purpose of PTA, list basic policies of National PTA and provide a structure for how the PTA is set up. The bylaws also provide information on National PTA committee structure, the annual convention and amendment process. You can learn more about the National PTA bylaws at

Please carefully review each of the proposed bylaws amendments below for consideration at the National PTA 125th Anniversary Convention.


National PTA resolutions are official documents outlining the opinion, will or intent of the association to address national problems, situations or concerns that affect children and require national action to seek resolution. You can learn more about National PTA Resolutions at

Convention delegates are given the opportunity to debate and vote on the adoption of such issues in the form of a resolution. All resolutions adopted by the convention delegates are ratified by the National PTA Board of Directors. Please carefully review each of the proposed resolutions below for consideration at the National PTA 125th Anniversary Convention.

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Check out this educational webinar on the proposed amendments to National PTA's bylaws and resolutions.


For any questions on the proposed bylaws amendments or the proposed resolutions, please email the Governance Committee at or the Resolutions Committee at


Six Elected Directors At-Large are elected each year, and three members of the Nominating and Leadership Recruitment Committee (NLRC) are elected this year based on a cycle defined in the National PTA Bylaws. National officers of the association are elected in odd-numbered years.

For more info about the governance, the elections process and bylaw/policy changes, read the National PTA Bylaws.

The National PTA Election Policy may also be referenced below.