Voting and Elections

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National PTA Virtual Convention 2024


During Convention, members of the voting body will have the opportunity to debate on National PTA business and vote live.

Who Can Vote?

Member of the Voting Body Selection

If you are not a member of National PTA Governance as defined in the National PTA Bylaws Article XII, in order to be eligible to vote during convention business and elections, a state PTA must select you as a voting delegate. You must fully complete your registration (including full payment) by 11:59 p.m. PDT, June 4 in order to be considered for voting status. If you have questions about becoming a voting delegate, you need to contact your state PTA. You will be notified on or about June 12 if you have been selected by a state PTA as a voting delegate.


The Nominating and Leadership Recruitment Committee (NLRC) announced slated candidates in February. National PTA Bylaws allow individuals to self-nominate for these positions. Consistent with the Elections Policy, as outlined in the Governance Policy Manual, individuals wishing to self-nominate must have been considered by the NLRC through the Letter of Interest


National PTA is pleased to announce the final list of candidates (both slated and self-nominated) for election. We thank every volunteer leader for their willingness to serve.

2024 NLRC Member Candidates (2024-2027 Term)

Dr. David Allan-Matheson (New Jersey) (Slated)

Dianira Young (Louisiana) (Slated)

Abdul Akbar (Georgia) (Self-Nominated)


NLRC Slated Candidates

The 2024 Slate of Candidates are selected based on their competencies as demonstrated in their Letter of Interest application, interview and reference feedback. The NLRC developed Competencies and Criteria for slated candidates based on a needs assessment and leadership feedback.

2024 Slated NLRC Candidates (2024-2027 Term)
  • Dr. David Allan-Matheson (New Jersey)
  • Dianira Young (Louisiana)