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National PTA Virtual Convention 2024

2024 National PTA Virtual Convention

Level Up PTA

Join us June 27-29 for our Level Up PTA 2024 Virtual Convention where you will connect with PTA leaders, parents and educators to boost your impact for every child in your community.

New this year for our virtual convention…

  1. Facilitated networking time
  2. Live business and voting session
  3. General education session on emerging issues facing our children and youth

At Level Up PTA 2024, we will celebrate the success of our PTAs in making meaningful partnerships and connections with families, educators and community leaders to achieve lasting change that will help every child reach their full potential.

Don’t miss out on opportunities to power up your PTA with…

  1. Tips and tricks from PTA leaders on proven practices to help meet the needs in your school community
  2. Insight from education experts on how to enhance your efforts in your community
  3. Workshops that will transform your leadership and membership approach


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